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  1. The Mona Lisa meets its end (pt III)
  2. Smashed and Shredded by Stilettos
  3. Taking His Eyes
  4. Taking His Eyes (pt II)
  6. just found this story in myspace
  7. trample at my work place
  8. freefootstories
  9. My School Friend Tamples Me
  10. Evil Employment Epic
  11. trample by acrylic high heel wedges? (request)
  12. question
  13. Trampled at Home (part 1)
  14. Trampled at Home (part 2)
  15. Death by my lovers heel
  16. Used Up *start of a personal fantasy
  17. Crushed by a Rocking Chair
  18. A normal day
  19. Stephanie Towers pt. 1 by DG
  20. The violinist
  21. How i act to be trampled
  22. How do i got trampled for the first time, thus my fetish (LONG STORY)
  23. Months after the Babystepper trampling, the best day of my life ...
  24. The first backwalking massage.
  25. A violent fantasy about my lawyer.
  26. Trampled By Kristanna Loken
  27. Trample Prose
  28. Strip Club Trample
  29. Step On Me.
  30. Story Request
  31. Dating A Stripper
  32. First time posting a trample story
  33. Part 2 or well a little more of the story from first time posting a trample story
  34. Part 3
  35. Trample is just something in my and on me.
  36. A college experience
  37. Phily foot fetish party experience
  38. The Initiation
  39. I've written a story folks
  40. My nose squashed inshoe by my sister.
  41. A spin off of a story. Rebecca gets loaned out. (MF/F)
  42. Does anyone know of a movie with humanrugs.
  43. guys, help me please
  44. test
  45. How to read ALL the stories of tramplestories.org from the web archives.org
  46. First time posting story of how it started
  47. She feels human body under her feet for first time