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02-19-2007, 05:32 PM
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Born in the UK, a competitive dancer as a child, Beautiful Lady Now!

Her name is Christine and she works as a Secretary in a very busy Advertising Agency. Christine says:"I loves to tease my office colleagues with subtle glimpses of My Sexy Legs and Stocking Tops especially whilst I sit at my desk. I always manage to show off a little bit more than I should 'cos I know just how much they like it :)
I also know that once you have discovered My Sexy Legs you too will be wanting to see more....so go ahead.....take a real good look......:)"

http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/pages/mysexylegs/images/msl_23459_mh.jpg (http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/gall_templ.php?gal=15) http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/pages/mysexylegs/images/msl_23495_mh.jpg (http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/gall_templ.php?gal=15)
http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/pages/mysexylegs/images/msl_24913_m.jpg (http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/gall_templ.php?gal=15) http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/pages/mysexylegs/images/msl_24909_m.jpg (http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/gall_templ.php?gal=15) http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/pages/mysexylegs/images/msl_24916_m.jpg (http://nylon-stocking-picture-4you.com/gall_templ.php?gal=15)