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01-30-2002, 11:05 PM

The subject line speaks for itself! Who's the heaviest woman who ever crushed you, either by sitting, standing, trampling, or kicking?

Myself, it was from a Nubian Amazon Mistress, 6', 325 lbs. She sat on my back while I was laying on her crush-bed and I lasted less than a minute. I started to cough, as I was unable to draw a deep breath, then I submitted. :8|8:

I can take her weight for a little longer when she's sitting on my chest and belly. And I can withstand it for a couple of minutes if she's just laying on me while I'm on my back or belly. :thumb: She's also stomped and kicked the breath out of me. :d-P:

I'm still looking for plus-size women who like to crush slaves mainly by just sitting on them. :XO): Take care!


01-30-2002, 11:15 PM
325 lbs ??? Are you made of Steel, Pal ? :)

I can`t hardly breath when my wife tramples on my back and I get really scared that´she breakes a bone of mine... Bianca weighs 132 lbs...

How did you take 325 lbs ???


01-31-2002, 02:22 AM
Hey, Livingthing!

Well, I'm only 5'9" and 185 lbs., but Mistress Airbegone (one of the names she goes by) doesn't trample me! :lol: My fascination is having a big black woman crush me by just sitting and laying on me. In the past, when I was younger, she would put her foot on my chest and balance her weight on me for a few seconds at most.

There was one session where she did stand on my back and on my belly -- again, for far less than a minute. I was hurting for a week or more! :eek:

In addition to her sitting or laying on me, I also like it when she straddles me while I'm on my hands on knees, but I can't support her weight for more than, say, 30 to 60 seconds. Other things I like her to do is spank me and punch me in my chest, belly, and ribs. :hat:

Let me know if you want to hear more!


02-01-2002, 04:05 AM
This lady is a CUTIE PIE

squashed chest
02-04-2002, 03:48 PM
hi serf0,
I have had 325pounds stood my chest i did not last long
as she then tried to walk on my stomach i begged her to get off.
squashed chest

squashed chest
02-04-2002, 03:50 PM
nice photo spikeme99
have you any more.
squashed chest

02-05-2002, 12:00 AM
Originally posted by squashed chest
hi serf0,
I have had 325pounds stood my chest i did not last long
as she then tried to walk on my stomach i begged her to get off.
squashed chest

Hey, SC:

Whoa! How tall was she? What color was she/her hair/eyes/etc.? And was she the heaviest woman who ever stood on/trampled you?

I think if a woman were to trample me, she'd need to be 200 lbs. or under! And I'd prefer a beautiful black woman, too! I'm sure I could easily take Halle Berry standing and walking on me, but I'd prefer Lisa Nicole Carson, who's a little heavier.

I might be able to take Aretha Franklin even at her current weight, or the lovely Mia Amber Davis, sexy black Amazon who played Rhonda in the movie "Road Trip." But both of them might be too big or heavy!


squashed chest
02-06-2002, 03:02 PM
hi serf0,
325, pounds is the heaviest i have taken she was 6feet tall blond, and brown eyes.
she was realy heavy.
i love heavy women but untill her, 200 pounds was my heaviest which was my wife and her friend at 180pounds.
squashed chest

02-17-2002, 08:27 AM
my most was 2 girls piggyback.1 was 198 and the other was 203.could breath at all. only took them in 1min. spirts.didnt try them on my chest,i loved that psi.had that ive just been flatten feeling.

02-17-2002, 02:48 PM
my Wife at around 100kg...head standing.

02-17-2002, 04:05 PM
Hi guys,
Only ever been trampled by my wife
and she's 140lbs

02-17-2002, 06:06 PM
I had a stripper who weighed about 140 on my face and chest in platform heels non stop for close to an hour. It was intense.

02-19-2002, 03:40 AM
In not that big a guy, myself: 5' 10" about 180# and I have had BBW's express reservations about stepping on me because they thought they might injure me.

The heaviest trample I have ever seen was when Queen Adrina, who runs in the 350# category, leaped up and landed on Facewalk's chest with both feet and then jumped off.

It blew my mind that he could take it! I asked him about it and he said, "I just love it!"

He handed me his camcorder and had me film the happenin' while she did it to him again.

Blew me away! I don't see how he could have taken it! When I saw his chest compress under her weight, I thought for sure I might have to call 911!

Face had me lie down and Adrina put her foot on my chest and gradually pressed down on it. She was barefoot wearing nylons. I don't know how much weight she cranked down on me, but I reached my limit and gasped, "Calf-rope!" My expression cracked them both up. :lol:

As far as being aggressively trampled like walking up and down my back with shoes with three-finger heels, the heaviest gal I have had do it was about 180#.

One thing about BBW's is that they can crush!!

And I have run across some really attractive heavy gals.

I met this one BBW who really had beautiful feet; well pedicured and adorned with an anklet and toe ring. I complemented her on how beautiful her feet were and she got giddy! I figured she would run about 210 to 220#. I was hoping to see her again so we can talk some more with the possibility of bringing up crush. She's already primed and there's no doubt in my mind that if we run into each other again, she will crush for me!

In this politically correct yuppie world where fitness and thinness is the rule, a gal a bit on the heavy side can find adoratrion and appreciation right here in the crush world. :)

Sparky ---

02-23-2002, 12:42 AM
The heaviest trample I've endured was by two girls, both of whome were about 120 pounds or so. They trampled me together and that was awesome. But the heaviest weight I've ever had to endure was when one of the girls, Sandy, ran me over with her car. I was only under the tyre for a few seconds but it felt as if my guts were going to be squashed out of me both ends. It was awesome, but also terrifying.

I've talked about it on the car crushing board but for some reason I cant access that board any longer.

- Peter.

02-23-2002, 06:50 PM
I would only like to be trampled by a sexy girl :gorgeous: of average weight. I wouldn't like the heavier stuff.

My ex wanted to trample me but as you can see from Spike's pic she was a bit heavy :grin: so I didn't let her. :lol: (Especially as I'm only 3'6" and 75lbs. :grin: )

:tons: :tons: :tons: :tons: :tons: :tons: :tons: :tons: :tons: :tons: :tons:


02-24-2002, 11:47 PM
psquashed,what kind of car did your girl use?was you just laying there and she drove over you like a speedbump?tell us some more details on it if ya dont mind????how did you plan for it?

02-25-2002, 04:24 AM
It was a small car. A Fiat. Actually there's pictures of me being runover on that French site. I cant remember it's URL. We planned it thoroughly. I built a small wooden ramp with one gently sloping end and the other end a sheer drop. It was about seven inches high. I placed the ramp's sloping end against the rear tyre under the car and lay down with my stomach lined up at the sheer end of the ramp. So the rear wheel would roll along the top of the ramp and where the ramp ended my body began and the wheel just rolled straight onto and over me. Basically I became and extension of the ramp for a few seconds. While Sandy was driving over me her freind Zoe took the pictures. Once, Sandy stopped on me for a few seconds. It was horrifyingly painfull and I would not do it again unless I could be sure the girl would not stop on me. Sandy was a true sadist who enjoyed torturing me though, and being under feet was wonderuful, as well, especially when she used stilletto heeled strappy sandals.

- Peter.

02-25-2002, 04:44 AM
Have to say the heaviest has been Jen(180lbs) with her 6 inch heel platforms!!!
She likes to use the heel of them on my cock and she stands there with all her weight for a least 1 to 2 minutes or more!!!!!

welcome MATT

02-27-2002, 04:34 AM
psquashed,thats pritty neat,im in the process of talkimg my wife into trying this.i think im going to use a trench to lay in,still in the planning stage.our car is a tad bigger than your girls.thats my only hold up.let yall know how it goes when i do???????