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    Cool Organ and Piano pedal pumping

    Does anyone have any experiences or stories about lovely women playing organ or piano pedals in stockinged or bare feet? I know that car pedal pumping is the most dominant type of pp, but I've noticed that organ and piano pp is getting more attention. It's an incredible sight, watching a beautiful woman banging away on the pedals of a musical instrument. Thanks, Luuke

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    I once glued a cricket to my sister in laws piano pedal. ... She teaches piano and has a wonderful set of toes. .... Believe me, the cricket was un recogonizeable when I went by the next day. ... Shiloh

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    i love organ and piano pp. i watch the joy of music with diane bish every week, i love all the pedal shots they get of her

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    is it just barefoot pedal pumping, or does she wear any shoes? i saw some pics from chloecreations on the son of the bride organ pp group in white pumps and sandals. wonder if theyre from the video.

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    It wont have those white pumps in the video. It's all barefoot with hose.

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    any of you care for feet on kick drums????

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    I wouldn't mind at all.

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    for those who like feet on kick drums check out some vixen videos they were an allgirl 80's hard rock band some of there video's have shots od there drummer's feet and if you check out vh1's behind the music when they the one about the go go's watch the very beginning the first thing they show is the drummer and her foot on the kick drum

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    I used to play piano, through high school. Once I was doing a duet with my teacher. She was controlling the pedals, so I purposely put my left foot right where she had to put her right foot. We played a song, with her pumping the pedal with her heel on top of my foot. Don't know how I got through that song. Only bummer was she had about 1" white heels. In my dreams since, she had 5" white heels and was pumping with both heels.


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