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    Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    There's one other form of pedal pumping that really excites my brain: watching beautiful women (particularly female vocalists) doing PP while ticklin' dem ivories.

    Who are the women you most fantasize about seeing some piano PP from? (Especially if it's pure fantasy—you've never seen them doing it before.)

    I have my Top 20 list already; I'll post it at a later date.

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    I don't really have a list of women I dream about. I have a great memory from when I took piano lessons in HS. My piano teacher and I were practicing a duet for an upcoming performance. She was on the left side of the bench, and thus controlled the pedals. She had on white open toe pumps, probably about a 1" heel. I purposely put my left foot in the way, so in order for her to use the pedal she had to place her heel on top of my foot. Thus, as we played the song she kept crushing my foot while working the pedal. I don't know how I actually got through the whole song. We didn't do it again, but in my mind we've replayed the song many times, the only difference being she was wearing stilleto heels.

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    I guess mine would be seeing Shakira singing an upbeat song that makes her really pump the pedal. She'd be wearing a very short skirt and some stiletto slides, either strappy or clear Even her playing an intense classical piece would be cool!

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    Re: Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    This is a very interesting question! I don't know if she plays piano, but Faith Hill pumping piano pedals in high heeled fashion boots is a very nice image

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    Re: Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    I remember one of my primary school teachers playing the piano in black leather knee-high boots (mid-1970s).

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    Re: Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    My sister in law plays the piano and it always gives me a boner watching her play the piano in sandals. I always wish I just could get a closer look. Those toes working gently up and down on that pedal makes me breathless. ...

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    Re: Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    Here's my Top 20 list:

    1. Jody Watley [a]
    2. Beyoncé Knowles [a]
    3. India.Arie
    4. Naomi Campbell
    5. Delisa Davis [b]
    6. Tionne ("T-Boz") Watkins
    7. Ashanti
    8. Amerie [a]
    9. Lauryn Hill
    10. Merica Whitehall
    11. Halle Berry
    12. Sunshine Anderson
    13. Janet Jackson
    14. Whitney Houston
    15. Jada Pinkett Smith
    16. Lisa Canning
    17. Ashlee Simpson
    18. Macy Gray
    19. Debra Wilson
    20. Gwen Stefani

    [a] Good possibility. Jody Watley's mother was a pianist, as was Amerie's. Beyoncé was reportedly playing a piano while off-camera during the filming of "The Fighting Temptations".

    [b] Known pianist in real life.

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    Re: Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    This is a cool topic. Some of my first memories of being trampled and seeing crush was at the feet of my moms piano. She and my sister both played a lot and I would always try to sneak my fingers or hand under the pedal while they practiced.

    I can't tell you how many times I did this as a kid... it was great fun. I often wonder what they thought about it and whether or not they even expected it was driving me wild. Oh what I wouldnt give to be a kid again!
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    Re: Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    I like barefootrev!!

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    Re: Piano PedalPumping—who's your fantasy?

    michelle branch would be nice with her ultra fast piano songs.


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