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    The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    <font color="green"><b>To fulfill my request, a fellow OCMB member, Vegeta, e-mailed me his “compilation” list three days ago. While thorough, the original list contained a number of omissions, so I set about re-editing it from scratch, including new scenes as I went along. I gathered data from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to, OCMB threads; more specifically, that large compilation list I posted a few years ago, as well as,, and I also referenced over 500 of my own “mainstream” clips, and put my mystical powers of recollection to good use, eventually ending up with a list of over 16,000 words (not bad for a list compiled over three days, eh.)

    Because I generally find HTML easier and more dynamic to work with than a simple word document, I wrote the whole list in notepad, subsequently saving it as an .HTM file. Anyone who has ever written a basic webpage will know how monotonous of a language HTML truly is, especially when dealing with huge documents, so please overlook any discrepancies in my list. I will attach the original file at the end of this list.

    PS - I tried to keep the list as concise as possible, freeing it up from any superfluous clutter. Additionally, I used gender-specific language, being that this list is rather informal. I am also aware that there are a number of grammatical and stylistic disparities, but then again, this is only the first draft!

    PPS – I originally intended to upload this list to my “mainstream” group, but, according to MSN, the list is “too big”. If this turns out well (and I find a decent free host) then I will add a “direct-download” feature to it, allowing people to download – via Rapidshare/another provider – these files by just clicking on a title’s name. I already have 470 “mainstream” clips hosted in my 42 “mainstream” groups, so this will just be an addition to that.</b></font>


    <body bgcolor="black">
    <font type="comic sans ms" color="Gold">

    <b>2 Golden Balls</b> - Kim Cattrall crushes a cigarette.
    <b>100 Mile Rule</b> - Maria Bello crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Aberration</b> - Two trample/crush scenes.
    <b>Aladdin: "<i>Air Feathered Friends</i>" (animated series)</b> - Crush
    <b>Ambitie (German commercial)</b> - A man serves as a pedestal for a girl.
    <b>Angel: "<i>Rm w/a Vu</i>" (TV)</b> - A great “accidental” crush scene, courtesy of Cordy (Charisma Carpenter).
    <b>Ashanti - "<i>Mesmerize</i>" (Music video)</b> - Ashanti crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Attack of the Killer Tomatoes</b> - A group of women step on tomatoes.
    <b>Avengers (Unknown episode, TV)</b> - Emma Peel crushes a golf ball under her white boots.
    <b>Barbwire</b> - Pamela Anderson steps on a pair of sunglasses.
    <b>Beverly Hills 90210 (TV, unknown episode)</b> Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, in an attempt to hide it, puts her foot on a keychain.
    <b>Birthday Girl</b> - Nicole Kidman kills ants by slamming a book on them.
    <b>Black Magic</b> - Rachel Ward crushes a roach.
    <b>Blaze (1989)</b> - A man lays down his coat for a woman to tread across the puddle.
    <b>Body Heat</b> - Kathleen Turner crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Bodyline commercial</b> - A woman stomps a few times on a scale, breaking it in the process.
    <b>Boost, the</b> - Sean Young steps on and breaks a cocaine-covered mirror.
    <b>Boy Meets World (TV)</b> - Tapanga stomps and crushes a multitude of roaches; however, we only see her profile from waist-up.
    <b>Braindead</b> - This movie features a couple of crush scenes.
    <b>Brian Adams music video</b> - A famous soul singer (Macy Gray?) crushes and grinds out a cigarette.
    <b>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</b> - Scenes in the following episodes:
    <ul><li><b>"Dead Man's Party":</b> Buffy steps on a soda can.
    <li><b>"Fear Itself":</b> Buffy stomps a small demon
    <li><b>"Flooded":</b> Buffy grinds a cigarette out.
    <li><b>"Life Serial"</b> - Buffy stomps on and grinds her shoe on some pencils.
    <li><b>"Living Conditions":</b> Buffy stomps on and grinds her shoe on some pencils
    <li><b>"Never Leave Me":</b> Girl stomps on a man's leather jacket.
    <li><b>"Surprise":</b> Girl grinds her shoe on someone's glasses
    <li><b>"This Years Girl":</b> Buffy stomps her boot on a weapon
    <li><b>"What's My Line Part 2":</b> Girl stomps on a man after he turns into a bug.
    </UL><b>Buried Alive</b> - A couple of crush scenes:
    <ul><li>A woman is in a toilet and sees many ants on the floor. She starts screaming and steps on a toilet bowl, but there are ants there too. Suffice to say, many met their demise under her feet.
    <li>Same woman disposes of the same victims, but this time a different scene. This time she disposes of the ants wearing high heel pumps. In one particular scene, you get to see an ant in all its "Great Escape" glory, doing just that, escaping. Not for long though....
    </ul><b>Charmed (TV)</b> - Piper (Holly Marie Combs) steps on a spider in an as yet unknown episode.
    <ul><li>In another episode, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) stepped on a towel because it caught fire.</ul>
    <b>Chicago Joe and the Showgirl</b> - Emily Lloyd, wearing high heel sandals, crushes a cigarette. We also get to see several other crushes cigs by her feet.
    <b>"CNN Headlines" advert</b> - A woman crushes three different objects in her haste to switch on the TV on time.
    <b>Cocktail</b> - A woman crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Colpita da improvviso benessere (1975)</b> - A woman steps on a dog's tail.
    <b>Cyber City, Odeo 808 (animated series)</b> - Feet/crush scenes.
    <b>Dark Angel: "<i>Bag Em</i>"</b> - Jessica Alba, dressed in a biker’s outfit with matching leather boots, throws down and stamps out a cigarette.
    <ul><li>A• Additionally, Jessica Alba crushes a roach in another episode.
    </ul><b>Deadly Blessing</b> - Sharon Stone crushes and stomps (three to four times) on a roach.
    <b>Def Leopard (Unknown music video)</b> - A woman wearing white pumps crushes a picture.
    <b>Devil Doll</b> - Showgirl grinds out a cigarette under six inch black pumps.
    <b>Dolls</b> - A woman stomps on a doll, which in turn reveals a small mummified, but alive, human.
    <b>Doom Generation</b> - Rose McGowan crushes out a cigarette.
    <b>Donne in Bianco (1998)</b> - A woman crushes man's phone underfoot.
    <b>Donne non vogliono più, Le</b> - A woman stomps on a man's tire, causing it to deflate.
    <b>Downfall</b>: Juliane Köhler steps on and grinds a cigarette. Featuring a great close up.
    <b>Eddie Money: "<i>Take Me Home Tonight</i>" (music video)</b> - Cigarette crush scene
    <b>Elseve commercial</b> - Claudia Schiffer crushes dirt underfoot.
    <b>E.R. (TV)</b> - Maura Tierney crushed a cigarette in an as yet unknown episode.
    <b>Emmerdale (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A girl steps on a model airplane.
    <b>Erin Brockovich</b> - Julia Roberts crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Eurotrash (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Woman crushes an egg.
    <b>Evolution</b> - Julianne Moore "accidentally" crushes worms; well, accidentally as in "initially unaware"... anyway, this scene lasts for approximately 2 minutes, then she jumps off. P.S. - She has a pair of sandals, and neat, dark painted toenails.
    <b>Exorcist II: The Heretic</b> - There is a close-up scene of Linda Blair stepping on an assemblage of grasshoppers as she spins in place.
    <b>Fabulous Bakeboys</b> - Michelle Pfeiffer crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Facts of Life, the</b> - Natalie stomps on a roach while wearing what appear to be Reebok tennis shoes.
    <b>Family man: "<i>Mr. Griffon Goes to Washington</i>" (animated show)</b> - Crush scene.
    <b>Farm, the (TV Show)</b> - The previous series of this show featured a cigarette crush by Rebecca Loos.
    <b>Fatal Instinct</b> - A woman crushes a cigarette and a piece of paper.
    <b>Fear Factor (TV</b> - Some of the more memorable scenes in this show include women getting into bathtubs with insects; women stomping on insects as means of producing enough liquid, which they subsequently drink; and women eating insects.
    <b>Fight Club</b> - I seem to remember an off-screen cigarette crush by Helena Bonham Carter.
    <b>Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within</b> - This scene opens up with a great “point of view” shot of a young woman standing atop a crushed crab-like creature. She is seemingly unaware of how the crush actually took place.
    <b>Fox News item</b> - I found this on "Compfused"... anyway, it is a clip of a couple of women stomping on grapes... until one of them falls off.
    <b>Friends</b> - A few from the popular TV show:
    <UL><LI><b>"One with Rachel's Dream":</b> Lisa Kudrow stomps on a hat in a bag.
    <LI><b>Pilot episode:</b> Monica stomps on a man's watch.
    <LI><b>"The One with Joey's Big Break":</b> Jennifer Aniston walks over a bunch of breakfast cereal, just after opening credits.
    </UL><b>G.I. Joe Spy Troops</b> - Crush scene
    <b>Garbage (Unknown music video)</b> - A woman crushes a light bulb.
    <b>Girlie Show, the (TV)</b> - Rachel Williams interviewed the legendary Jeff Vilencia, during which they showed clips from "Smush".
    <ul><li>Additionally, Clare Gorham (or was that Rachel Williams?) stomped on a cake during the opening credits.</ul>
    <b>Girls Town</b> - Mamie Van Doren -- puts out a cigarette - almost off camera, but visible
    <b>Grand Hotel Excelsior (Italian movie)</b> - A beautiful blond actress crushes a cigarette on a carpet wearing white mules.
    <b>Goodwill Games</b> - A close-up shot of a woman stepping on a cockroach. Similarly, in the background of another shot, you see women stepping on bugs.
    <b>Grease</b> - Olivia Newton-John crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Haibane Renmei (Anime)</b> - A woman grinds a cigarette out on the floor.
    <b>Hana Yori Dango (Anime)</b> - A couple of scenes:
    <ul><li><b>Episode 22?</b> - A woman scratches a man's car with her heel.
    <li><b>Episode 35?</b> - A woman crushes some glass on the floor
    </ul><b>Heathers</b> - 2 Crush scenes
    <b>Hellraiser</b> - A woman crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Holiday Affair (1949)</b> - A woman accidentally crushes a toy train.
    <b>Hollyoaks (TV, unknown episode)</b> - During an argument with Dan, Debbie (Jodi Albert), in a bout of anger, stomps twice on a box of takeaway food.
    <ul><li>In an as yet unknown episode, Izzy (Elize Du Toit), steps on a rat (the crush is implied.)</ul>
    <b>Home and Away (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A woman steps on a roach, stating, "I hate roaches".
    <b>Hope and Gloria</b> - Gloria "takes care" of a congregation of ants wearing close toe, open heeled pink slippers, and begins by stepping on them with her right foot.
    <b>Hope Springs</b> - Minnie Driver crushes a cigarette.
    <b>I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here (TV)</b> - There were a number of "unintentional" insect crush scenes in this reality TV series, which spanned over three years.
    <b>I Shot Andy Warhol</b> - Not a crush scene as such - more of a recollection through dialogue. The main character, who at this point in the movie was a prostitute, was asked "what she does when she sees a bug". She replies with "I step on it". She also "gets her rocks off hearing them crunch".
    <b>Incredible Story Studio (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A girl steps on a pile of books to prevent another girl from picking them up.
    <b>Indiana Jones (not sure which movie)</b> - Woman steps on bugs in some cave.
    <b>Intruder</b> - Girl steps on an eyeball.
    <b>Io no spik inglish (1995)</b> - An attractive woman steps on and crushes a pair of sunglasses.
    <b>Iron Jawed Angels</b> - Laura Fraser crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Jack</b> - In a bar scene you saw a woman crushing out a cig under her high-heeled sandal.
    <b>Jackie Chan’s First Strike</b> - Crush
    <b>Johnny English (2003></b> - Natalie Imbruglia steps on a bad man's weapon, and proceeds to kick it.
    <b>Kate and Allie (TV)</b> - Kate, wearing black pumps, stomps on a spider and then drags her foot back. When asked where the spider was, she said "here" pointing to where she first stomped, "here" to where she had dragged her foot to, "and here" lifting up her right pump.
    <b>Kill Bill volume 2</b> - Crush, just feet
    <b>Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Final episode (Anime)</b> - A woman grinds out a cigarette on the floor.
    <b>Kingdom of the Spiders</b> - Woman crushes spiders.
    <b>La Femme Nikita: "<i>All the World's a Stage</i>"</b> - Three consecutive crush scenes.
    <b>Lace (TV)</b> - A woman crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Lexx (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Xenia Seeberg crushes an unrecognizable object.
    <ul><li>In another episode, Eva Habermann crushes a large bug.
    <li>There was also a brain crush scene in <b>"SUPERNOVA"</b>.
    <li><b>"Lyekka vs. Japan.":</b> Giantess Lyekka stomps all over Tokyo. Good quality GTS, crush and POV.</ul>
    <b>Lilian Axe: "<i>Show a Little Love</i>" (Music video)</b> - A woman crushes a pair of glasses under her foot.
    <b>Lilt Commercial (UK commercial)</b> - Several women jump on some sunbathers. There were three commercials all in all from what I can remember.
    <b>Little Mermaid, The</b> - Crush scene
    <b>Looking Good (TV)</b> - There was a cup crush scene in a modelling segment a few years ago.
    <b>L'Ultimo Capodanno (1998)</b> - “Hell Hath No Fury like a Woman Scorned” is an apt description for this scene. In it, we see a young woman, seemingly fed up with her “man”, go through and crush many of his personal belongings.
    <b>Malcom in the Middle (TV)</b> - The protagonist's mother casually crushes a roach; taking it in "her stride", so to speak.
    <b>Marabunta</b> - Two distinct scenes in this crush-fest of a movie; one involving a woman stepping all over a group of ants, and another crush scene, this time with two extreme close-ups.
    <b>Married with Children (TV)</b> - Christina Applegate steps on a bug in an as yet unknown episode. UPDATE - This may not have actually took place.
    <b>Martin Briley: "<i>Salt in my Tears</i>" (Music video)</b> - Cigarette crush
    <b>May (2002)</b> - Angela Bettis crushes a cigarette. In another scene, you get to see a crushed cigarette butt by Anna Farris' shoes (quite possibly the same one she was smoking in the previous scene.)
    <b>Midnight Kiss (1993)</b> - A woman crushes a tape recorder.
    <b>Mile High (TV)</b> - A woman crushes a lizard.
    <b>Milk Money</b> - Melanie Griffith crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Missing: season 2 (2003, TV)</b> - Vivica Fox crushes a cigarette
    <b>Motorola Commercial</b> - A man is getting his back walked on.
    <b>Mutant X (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A man is literally crushed to death under a woman's high-heeled boots.
    <b>Nair commercial</b> - The shot starts with a close up third-person POV of the actress walking towards a miniature man. On the way to him, she accidentally steps on a rubber duck... at this point the commercial ends.
    <b>Naked Truth, the</b> - Main actress stomps on termites.
    <b>Nanny</b> - A number of scenes in this show (all unknown episodes):
    <ul><li>Fran's friend, Val, crushes a roach barefoot.
    <li>Her aunt, not a particularly beautiful woman, steps on a moth.
    <li>Fran slams with her hand a bug on the counter in a bar.
    <li>Fran and Maxwell are in the kitchen and while walking away she tells him not to listen to it, then an OOOPS, she raise her foot (In black leather boots, halfway up to the knee and in black leather miniskirt) and stomps down. Then she brings all her weight on that leg, turns around and gets her boot up and asks, "Hey, what's a locust doing here?"</ul>
    <b>Natural Born Killers</b> - Juliette Lewis crushes a cigarette barefoot.
    <b>Neighbours (TV)</b> - A woman steps on a remote control in an as yet unknown episode.
    <b>Nightmare on Elm Street 1</b> - Crush scene
    <b>Nightmare on Elm Street 4</b> - A tall high school girl finds a roach on her fries, drops the roach and the fries on the floor, and crushes and grinds both under her ankle boot in a close-up, before smearing her shoe backwards, leaving smeared fries and bug bits on the cement.
    <b>Nike commercial</b> - Marion Jones collides, and later on crushes a bug.
    <b>Non chiamarmi Omar (Italian film)</b> - A good looking, boot wearing woman crushes a roach at the very beginning of this Italian movie.
    <b>NYPD Blue (TV)</b> - Another of these "evil homicidal, crush fiend" exposes, where we get to see into the world of our plucky deviant... anyway, in this episode our super-sleuths investigate a homicide, and come across a tape called "Crushrama 5"... 'nuff said.
    <b>Perdita Durango</b> - Rosie Perez crushes a cigarette (I may, however be wrong, for it may not be this film.)
    <b>Phoenix Nights (TV Show; unknown episode)</b> - Featured a cigarette crush, this time done by Amanda Byram (of the Big Breakfast fame).
    <b>Picking up the Pieces</b> - Sharon Stone crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Pitch Black TV Special</b> - A woman crushes out a cigarette.
    <b>Playmaker</b> - A woman crushes out a cigarette.
    <b>Poison Ivy</b> - Drew Barrymore crushes some glass.
    <b>Poltergeist, the Legacy (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A woman crushes an asthma inhaler.
    <b>Pretender, the: "<i>To Serve and Protect</i>"</b> - Crush scene with Andrea Parker. There were a number of cigarette/other scenes in this show.
    <b>Princess and the Barrio Boy, the (2000)</b> Maria Conchita Alonso crushes a boy's tape player.
    <b>QVC</b> - Whenever they feel the need to demonstrate the power of a snazzy new vacuum cleaner, QVC usually call for an assistant -- who more often than not happens to be a woman -- to crush and grind food and other everyday produce into oblivion.
    <b>Relic Hunter (TV)</b> - Tia Carrere crushes a scorpion (well, not a real one anyway.)
    <b>Rimini Rimini (1987)</b> - A woman accidentally tramples all over a sandcastle.
    <b>Road Rage, with Yasmine Bleeth</b> - Near the end of the movie, Yasmine Bleeth steps on a necklace charm in shape of a butterfly.
    <b>Ruthless People (1986)</b> - There is an animated "insect" crush scene in the opening credits of this movie.
    <b>Sabrina (1995)</b> - A woman steps on a contact lens.
    <b>Sailor Moon: "<i>Show Stoppers</i>" (Anime)</b> - Crush scene
    <ul><li><B>"Serena's Birthday/Birthday Blues"</b> - Crush scene</ul>
    <b>Savanne Jeans commercial</b> A woman crushes out a piece of paper. Great POV shot!
    <b>Scandalous me, The Jacqueline Susann Story</b> - A woman crushes a cigarette wearing pointy toed, high-heeled shoes.
    <b>Secretary</b> - woman tramples a man's coat.
    <b>Serial Mom</b> - Kathleen Turner hits a fly with a swatter and then -- with an evil grin -- starts grinding it under that swatter.
    <b>Seventh Sign, the</b> - A good-looking blond woman crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Sex and the City (TV)</b> - In the third episode of the 13th series, Sarah Jessica Parker crushes a cigarette outside a hotel door.
    <ul><li>Unknown episode</b> - She steps in dog excrement.</ul>
    <b>Shanghai surprise</b> - Madonna cigarette crush scene.
    <b>Shriek If You Know What I did Last Friday the 13th</b> - Crush scene
    <b>Silkwood</b> - Cig crush scene
    <b>Sin City</b> - The super-hot Rosario Dawson steps on a clove or small cigar (hard to tell, black and white)
    <b>Singled Out</b> - A female contestant was eliminating some mans according to height and the short choice was "squashed ant", which is what she chose. In that mean little voice Jenny said "alright all you little squashed ants, you've been stepped on!"
    <ul><li>In another show, a man asked the question: "there's a spider in your apartment; let it be, or step on it?" All of the girls missed, as the man's answer was to "step on it", and Jenny yelled "Yeah, kill it!"
    <li>A female contestant crushed a stuffed spider flat.
    <li>A female contestant stomped on several aluminium cans.
    <li>Couple of female contestants, both barefoot, crushed a bunch of grapes.
    <li>Not really a crush scene, but there was a scene where a girl had to beat a toy lion, and the girl knocked it down on the floor and her and Jenny McCarthy started jumping on top of it.
    </ul><b>Singles</b> - Bridget Fonda walks over a bunch of trash near the end of the movie. There is also a close-up of her walking on a hardwood floor near the middle of the movie.
    <b>Sliders (TV)</b> - Kari Wuhrer crushes a virtual reality device.
    <ul><li>In another scene, Keri crushes a transmitter device.</ul>
    <b>Slugs</b> - A number of crush/butt crush scenes in this movie.
    <b>Silence of the Lambs</b> - An accidental? moth crush by Jodie Foster.
    <b>Silkwood</b> - Meryl Streep crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Sleepwalkers</b> - A woman crushes a vase and some flowers.
    <b>Sopranos, the: "<i>Whitecaps</i>"</b> - Drea De Matteo crushes a cigarette
    <b>Soul Asylum: "<i>Somebody to Shove</i>" (Music video)</b> - Woman in spiked heels stomps on balloons.
    <b>Space: 1999</b> - A woman teases a caterpillar and almost crushes it, pulling away at the last moment.
    <b>Space, Above and Beyond (TV)</b> Kristen Cloke casually steps on a roach.
    <b>Specialist, The</b> - Sharon Stone crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Starship Troopers</b> - Cockroaches are stomped on.
    <b>Star Trek Voyager (TV)</b> - A woman accidentally steps on a chewing gum, and as you can guess, it gets stuck to the bottom of her shoe.
    <b>Still Breathing</b> - Joanna Going crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Sting Video (Music, unknown)</b> - Woman crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Straight Talk (1992)</b> - Dolly Parton sticks a wad of chewing gum on her heel, and attempts to retrieve a $20 note that is about to be blown off a bridge.
    <b>Street Trash</b> - A prostitute crushes out her cigarette while on the floor to her pimp.
    <b>Suor Omicidi (1978)</b> - A woman steps on and crushes an old woman's prosthetic teeth.
    <b>Suspria (70's horror/sci-fi movie)</b> - A school headmistress walks on many maggots in a long close-up walking scene. You hear them squish and crunch.
    <b>Sweet Valley High: "<i>IQ Commeth</i>" (TV)</b> - A girl crushes a can.
    <b>Take Two aka Clip Mix (German TV show)</b> - Sonya Kraus repeatedly stomped on a teddy bear in an as yet unknown episode of this show.
    <b>Telerentola</b> - Roberta Lanfranchi, with her red high-heeled boots, crushes the glasses of a woman.
    <b>Temp, the</b> - Lara Flynn Boyle swats a wasp with her bare hands and keeps the pressure on it for two seconds.
    <b>The Nest</b> - A woman stomps roaches wearing tennis shoes. She says, "What are you looking at" to one of them before squashing it.
    <b>They Nest</b> - A beautiful red-haired woman steps out of her bath and right on a big killer-roach, in a good close-up scene.
    <b>They came to Cordura</b> - A 1959 western starring Rita Hayworth: Cigarette crush scene
    <b>Third Rock from the Sun (TV)</b> - Kristen Johnston stomps a spider walking on a low table.
    <b>Thomas Crown Affair, The (1969)</b> - Cig crush scene
    <b>Ticks</b> - A female "doctor" steps on and crushes a huge tick; a lot of blood and guts in this one.
    <b>Toy Story</b> - Woman steps on a soldier.
    <b>Tracey Unexposed (TV Show)</b> - Tracey Ullman twists and crushes a cigarette off-screen with her Mary Jane shoes. The discarded butt remains on the floor for the duration of the show.
    <b>Tracy Byrd: "<i>Watermelon Crawl</i>" (Music video)</b> - A woman treads on watermelon pieces in a large barrel.
    <b>Tune in Tomorrow</b> - A girl takes off her black strappy sandal and hits a "chair-bound" roach twice. The roach falls down to the floor, where she proceeds to hit it some more; asserting her authority, if you will.
    <b>Twin Peaks</b> - Another one of these "out of view crushes"; this time Sherilynn Fenn is doing the crushing.
    <b>Two Pints of Lager (And a Packet of Crisps) (TV)</b> - Kathryn Drysdale crushes a pot of plants in an as yet unknown episode.
    <ul><li>Natalie Casey crushes a cigarette in an as yet unknown episode. A side note: you see countless crushed cigarette butts (possibly around 40) scattered around her feet. </ul>
    <b>Ultraman (TV, 1972)</b> - A giant female robot crushes some type of an alien bug.
    <b>Uncanny, the</b> - GTS crush.
    <b>USA Up All Night (TV)</b> - Countless food crush scenes (at least five that I can think of), all done by Rhonda Shear.
    <b>Varian's War</b> - Julia Ormand crushes a cigarette.
    <b>V.I.P.</b> - There were apparently a number of cigarette crush scenes in this show, most done by Pamela Anderson.
    <b>Village of the Giants (1965)</b> - There were a number of “giantess” scenes in this old movie.
    <b>Who's the Boss (TV)</b> - A woman stomps throws a roach to the floor, and proceeds to stomp on it in an as yet unknown episode.
    <b>Whole Nine Yards, the</b> - Rosanna Arquette crushes a cigarette.
    <b>Wimbledon (TV, sports)</b> - Chris Evert? was about to serve, but suddenly stopped as though distracted by something. The camera zoomed in, and there was a large bumblebee on the grass in front of her. She moved forward and crushed it beneath her tennis shoe before continuing play.
    <ul><li><b>Another scene, this time with Jennifer Capriati</b> - She kicks/drags at something on the floor.</ul>
    <b>Witches, the</b> - Mouse crushing scenes (not a real one, do not worry.)
    <b>Women and Men</b> - Andie MacDowell drops a cigarette and slowly puts her foot on it, grinding it for quite a long time.
    <b>Wyvern Mystery (TV)</b> - A lovely actress (Naomi Watts) opened a wardrobe and was examining the clothes when she noticed some bugs at her feet. She deliberately crushes one, (good close up of her squishing a real bug), followed by the other escapees from her wardrobe.
    <b>X-Files (TV)</b> - Crush scenes with Gillian Anderson in these episodes: "<i>Milargo</i>" and "<i>Field Trip</i>"

    <center><H1>Trample/Domination/Worship + select other</H1></center>

    <b>2 Golden Balls</b> - Man sniffs a girl's shoe before putting it back on her foot.
    <b>3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain</b> - Victory pose with Loni Anderson.
    <b>10 Donne Violente (10 Violent Women)</b> - An unknown actress brutally and repeatedly stomps on a man.
    <b>A Fish called Wanda</b> - A woman accidentally steps on a man's hand.
    <b>A Miniszter felrelep</b> - Foot worship scene
    <b>Accident</b> - A woman violently stomps on a man's face.
    <b>According to Jim (TV)</b> - A woman and two kids walk on Jim's back.
    <b>Acqua e sapone (1983)</b> - Features a foot worship scene, courtesy of Natasha Hovey.
    <b>Aces: Iron Eagle III (1992)</b> - Rachel McLish steps on a man's back as she strangles him with a chain.
    <b>Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: "<i>Zoobotnik</i>" (animated series)</b> - Trample
    <b>Airborne (1993)</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Akazunin Chacha: "<i>Honmono ha Dare Nano</i>" (Anime)</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Alex & Emma</b> - A man falls in front of Kate Hudson's feet and lays there, face down. Unfortunately, nothing happens.
    <ul><li>A very short clip: Sophie Marceau sticks her foot in a man's mouth during a "lovemaking" session.</ul>
    <b>Aladdin the Animated Series: "<i>Forget Me"</i></b> - The princess steps on Aladdin's hand as he reaches for his weapon.
    <b>Alias: <i>"Nightingale"</i></b>: Jennifer Garner steps on a man's throat (unconfirmed).
    <b>Alley Cat (1982)</b>
    <b>All Night Long (Japanese Film)</b> - Two trample scenes
    <b>All Well & Good</b> - Suzanne Dando walked on a man's back.
    <b>Ally McBeal: "<i>Blue Christmas</i>" (TV)</b> - Victory pose with Callista Flockheart
    <ul><li>Ally stomps on a therapist's foot, in a thus far unknown episode.
    </ul><b>Ambitie commercial</b> - A woman climbs up and stands on a man's back.
    <b>America 3000 (1986)</b> - A woman jumps full weight on a man's stomach and chest.
    <b>American Dreams: "<i>Old Enough to Fight</i>" (TV)</b> - Jennifer Love Hewitt, in tune to the old Nancy Sinatra "These Boots are made for walking" song, walks on the backs of several soldiers.
    <b>American Gothic: "<i>Echo of Your Last Goodbye</i>" (TV)</b> - Brenda Bakke puts her foot on a man's chest to prevent him from rising up.
    <b>America's Sweethearts (2000), with Catherine Zeta-Jones</b>
    <b>Amore vuol dir Gelosia (1975)</b> - Milena Vukotic walks in on her husband, only to see him canoodling with another woman in the bath. In a moment of anger, she starts trampling the two of them, attempting to drown them.
    <b>And God Created Woman</b> - Bridget Bardot puts her foot on a man's neck and side of the face, and tramples his face down into the sand.
    <b>Anni 90, Part 2</b> - Carol Alt tramples and tortures a man.
    <b>Annie</b> - Alicia Morton walks on the backs of several dancers who form a human stairway for her.
    <b>An "unknown" German TV Show</b> - Brigitte Nielson asked the host to "kiss her a few times", and that he promptly did. However, he was in for a surprise: she places her nylon clad feet in front of his face and asked him to kiss them. He started kissing the calves, but she pointed to her nice feet.
    <b>Antiphogistine commercial</b> - A large woman walks on a man's back.
    <b>Any Place But Home (1997)</b> - An executive’s son is kidnapped and held captive by a girl and boy duo. During one scene, the hostage gets his asthma inhaler crushed, which in turn leaves him gasping for breath. The girl (Cristi Conaway) then proceeds to step full weight on his stomach.
    <b>Apartheid Slave Women's Justice</b> - A group of women beat and trample a man.
    <b>Arabesque (1966)</b> - Sophia Loren gets a foot-rub from a foot fetishist thug.
    <b>Armageddon</b> - A woman puts her foot on a man's chest and pulls with her hands at the same time, thus creating a pulley effect.
    <b>Arrivano I Rossi (Italian TV)</b> - A model puts her bare foot on a man's chest.
    <b>Austin Powers 3</b> - Victory pose scene with Beyonce Knowles.
    <b>Avengers, the (TV)</b> - There were a number of delightful scenes in this old series:
    <ul><li><b>Unknown</b> - Shoe clerk makes moulds of Diana Rigg's feet.
    <li><b>"Castle Death"</b> - Attacked by a thug, Emma -- dressed in a plaid pantsuit & white striped boots -- floors him, stomps down on his chest, and kneeling on him, slaps him unconscious.
    <li><b>"Death at Bargain Prices"</b> - Emma kicks disarms a thug by kicking at his gun, clipping his chin with her boot in the process, then dispatches him, stamping down on his stomach & spitefully twisting her foot.
    <li><b>"Escape in Time"</b> - Diana Rigg barefoot in stocks.
    <li><b>"Honey for the Prince"</b> - Emma trounces a villain in a sword fight, forcing him to confess from under the blade of her sword. In another scene, a villain gets his chest stepped on after a head/body massage.
    <li><b>"Hour That Never Was, The"</b> - Emma, in a pantsuit & white boots, fights a thug, tosses him through a doorway, follows & walks on him, then throws him through glass doors.
    <li><b>"Joker, The"</b> - Emma, dressed in red Chinese kimono & white boots, pushes a villain down the stairs with her foot.
    <li><b>"Mandrake, The"</b> - Cathy Gale throws an assailant with her feet, stamps down on his chest, then steps fully on his back to a high ground vantage and stamps on his face.
    <li><b>"Medicine Men, The"</b> - Cathy pins a woman to the floor, pressing on the back of her head & her back.
    <li><b>"Secret Brokers, The"</b> - Steed is decked by a leather clad Cathy Gale, who proceeds to step on his throat to keep him subdued.
    <li><b>"Superlative Seven, The"</b> - Orange "Emmapeelers" & blue suede boots are the outfit as Emma dispatches a villain & turns him over with her foot.
    <li><b>"Two's a Crowd"</b> - Emma is attacked in Steed's apartment; she wrestles with the thug, pressing his fingers to the floor by means of standing on them, then offers her hand to the helpless man for him to kiss.
    <li><b>"Undertakers, The"</b> - Cathy dispatches a bad man and stomps down on his hand in those boots when he goes for a gun on the floor.
    </ul><b>A Woman in Flames (1983)</b> - Gundrun Landgrebe, in a role as a dominatrix, fulfils a man's request by trampling on his hands.
    <b>Bachelor, the</b> - This movie features a victory pose/trample scene.
    <b>Bad Boys (1995)</b> - Tea Leoni is barefoot and playing with something between her toes.
    <b>Bad Company of Joel Schumacher</b> - Garcelle Beauvais caresses a man’s crotch in a classic “under the table” shoe-play scene.
    <b>Bagaglino (Italian TV)</b> - Valerie Marina steps on the hands of several dancers.
    <b>Barbed Wire Dolls (1975)</b> - To exact their revenge on a prison guard, a group of women bury him alive. They then start to trample on the living man's grave, pressing on the fresh earth above him with their feet.
    <b>Batman and Robin</b> - Trample scene with Uma Thurman
    <b>Barb Wire</b> - Victory pose scene with Pamela Anderson
    <b>Bare Wench Project</b> - In this parody of "The Blair Witch Project", a woman stomps on a man's stomach in an attempt to wake him up.
    <b>Base-moi</b> - Karen Lancaume and Raffaela Anderson brutally beat and stomp a man, killing him in the process.
    <b>Batman Beyond: "<I>Return of the Joker</i>" (animated series)</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Batman Returns</b> - Michelle Pfeiffer kicks Danny De Vito. While this is not a "trample scene" as such, it is a good scene nonetheless.
    <b>Battleship Potemkin (1925)</b> - The infamous "Odesa" scene, in which we see a young boy fall victim to a vicious stampede.
    <b>BBC Summer intermissions (TV)</b> - The BBC, never the ones to miss out on a spot of self-promotion, screened a collection of intermissions as a part of their “BBC Summer” season. One such intermission featured a woman gently walking on a man's back.
    <b>Beato Tra Le Donne (Italian TV)</b> - A trample fan's favourite, this show featured countless trample scenes.
    <b>Belle de Jour</b> - Francoise Fabian, dressed in a black dress and red slippers, tramples the body and the face of a man.
    <b>Benny Hill Show, the (TV)</b> - There were a number of trample/crush scenes in this show. For instance, in an as yet unknown episode, a woman, using some kind of a device, shrinks Benny and then proceeds to step on him.
    <b>Beresina oder Die letzten Tage der Schweiz</b> - A foot fetishist indulges in his dream; 2 clips in this movie.
    <b>Best of the Worst, the (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A woman dances atop a man, also stepping on his head.
    <b>Betty Broderick - A Woman Scorned (1992)</b> - A woman tramples a man’s stomach full-weight.
    <b>Beverly Hillbillies, the (1993)</b> - Erika Eleniak stomps hard on a man's groin.
    <b>Beverly Hillbillies, the (TV show)</b> - There was a victory pose in either of these episodes: <i>"Hotel for Women/Simon Legree Drysdale"</i>
    <b>Beyond Bedlam</b> - A foot worship/sucking scene, courtesy of Elizabeth Hurley.
    <b>Beyond Re-Animator</b> - Barbara Elorrieta attempts, albeit unsuccessfully, to stomp on a face of a man so that she can "finish him off".
    <b>Beyond Therapy</b> - Jeff Goldblum sucks on Julia Hagerty's foot.
    <b>Big Doll House, the</b> - A number of domination/trample scenes.
    <b>Big Trouble (2002)</b> - A foot worship scene, courtesy of Sofia Vergara.
    <b>Bikini Squad (1993)</b>
    <b>Bikini summer 2</b> - This movie featured a foot worship scene.
    <b>Billie Piper: "<i>Day and Night</i>" (Music video)</b> - During the live performance, Billie tramples one of her dancers full weight.
    <b>Bird on a Wire</b> - Goldie Hawn stomps on Mel Gibson's face a few times.
    <b>Bird with the Glass Feathers</b> - Suzy Kendall jumps on a platform that sits atop a trapped man, and menaces him with a knife.
    <b>Birds of Pray: Episode 1-1 (TV)</b> A woman, dressed in a leather outfit with thigh high boots, pins a man against a wall with her foot on his chin.
    <b>Bitter Moon</b> - A woman pushes a man down, applying pressure with her foot.
    <ul><li>A woman tortures a man, grinding her heel on him.</ul>
    <b>Blade 3: Trinity</b>
    <b>Blind Side (1993)</b> - Rutger Hauer pulls off urban cowgirl's socks with his teeth.
    <b>Blood Sucking Freaks (1976)</b> - A woman dressed in a ballerina costume repeatedly kicks a man in the face.
    <b>Body Double</b> - A woman walks on a man's (Frankie, from "Frankie goes to Hollywood) back in sync with a song emitted by the jukebox.
    <b>Body Trouble (1992)</b> -
    <b>Boogie Nights</b> - Heather Graham repeatedly stomps on a man's face.
    <b>Boomerang (1992)</b> Foot worship, courtesy of Eartha Kitt
    <b>Boomtown: Pilot episode (TV, 2002)</b> - Kristin Bauer rubs her feet on a man's face.
    <b>Boy Meets World (TV)</b> - A girl walks over a prone boy, stepping on his back in the process.
    <b>Breaking Up</b> - A foot worship scene, courtesy of Salma Hayek.
    <b>Briefest Encounter (1993)</b> - Amanda Donahoe knocks Rik Mayall to the ground, covers with a quilt, beats him with a hockey stick, and finally, finishes him off by jumping on his stomach with both feet.
    <b>Britney Spears: "<i>Born to Make You Happy</i>" (Music video)</b> - Victory pose, courtesy of Britney Spears
    <ul><li>Additionally, Britney is standing full weight on her brother’s back in another photo.</ul>
    <b>Bruce Almighty</b> - Jennifer Aniston and another woman get their backs walked on by Japanese masseuses.
    <b>Bruce and the Shaolin Bronzemen (1982, HK movie)</b> - Bruce Le, a Bruce Lee look-alike, gets his back walked on by a very large woman.
    <b>Buona Domenica (Italian TV)</b> - Melva Ruffo tramples several members of an orchestra.
    <b>Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV)</b> - Scenes in the following:
    <ul><li><b>"Anne"</b> - Sarah Michelle Gellar tramples a man.
    <li><b>"Band Candy"</b> -
    <li><b>"Consequences"</b> - Girl steps on a man's head for a while
    </ul><b>Bulldozer (TV)</b> - Federica Panicucci steps on a boy's foot.
    <b>Bulletproof Monk</b> - A woman beats up Seann William Scott, in turn, grabbing him with her ankles.
    <b>Buona Domenica (TV show)</b> - Melba Ruffo trampled a group of musicians on this TV show.
    <b>Bushido Blade</b> - The enchanting Laura Gemser walks on a man's back.
    <b>Butch Camp (1997)</b> - A foot worship scene, courtesy of Jordan Roberts.
    <ul><li>Another scene, this time featuring Judy Tenuta stomping on a man's crotch</ul>
    <b>Call Centre commercial (shot in Japan)</b> - Victory pose scene.
    <b>Can-Can (1960)</b> - In order to retrieve her hat from a tree, Shirley MacLaine steps full weight on a man's stomach.
    <b>Candleshoe</b> - Foot worship scene with Jodie Foster
    <b>Can't Stop the Music</b> - A dancer tramples on a man's back.
    <b>C.A.T.S. Eyes</b> - Leslie Ash stepped on a man's back.
    <b>Catch me if you Can</b> - A woman pushes Leonardo Di Caprio away with her foot.
    <b>Catwoman</b> - Three scenes:
    <ul><li>Halle Berry pins a man with a foot on his chest
    <li>She jumps and lands on a man's chest, surfing him along the way.
    <li>Sharon Stone puts her foot on a man's chest and pushes him away</ul>
    <b>Cet obscur objet du desir</b> - A woman sticks pushes foot out of a gate for a man to kneel down and kiss it.
    <b>Chained Heat 2</b> - A woman stomps on a man, killing him in the process.
    <b>Champions, the (TV)</b> - Alexandra Bastedo crushes a man's hand.
    <b>Charlie's Angels</b> - Lucy Liu walks barefoot on Tim Curry’s back.
    <ul><li>Cameron Diaz kicks and pins a man against a wall, applying pressure with her foot to his throat.
    </ul><b>Charlie's Angels (TV): <i>"Hellrider"</i></b> - There is a scene where you hear Charlie groan at the phone, followed by a shot of a nice woman walking barefoot on his back.
    <ul><li>There is also a hand crush in an unidentifiable episode, where Cheryl Ladd crushes the hand of an assailant during a flight.
    </ul><b>Charmed: "<i>Sleuthing with the Enemy</i>" (TV)</b> - Prue (Shannen Doherty) steps on and pins a demon under her booted foot.
    <ul><li><b>Unknown episode</b> - Piper crushes the hand of a witch and then freezes it.
    <li><b>"<i>Oh My Goddess</i>"</b> - A slave massages Alyssa Milano's feet.</ul>
    <b>Cherry Falls</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Brittany Murphy.
    <b>Chicago</b> - Renee Zellweger puts her foot on a pianist's shoulder.
    <ul><li>Using her foot, Renee Zellweger touches the hat of a pianist.</ul>
    <b>Chris Wylde Show (TV, unknown episode)</b> - In one sketch, a boyfriend knocks a man out and proceeds to put his jacket on the now prone man's body. The man's girlfriend takes this as an invitation, and in her stride, steps full weight on his back.
    <b>Chosen One, the: "<i>Legend of the Raven</i>"</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Carmen Electra. Similar to "From Dusk Till Dawn" in that features a "drinking off the foot" scene; this time milk instead of beer, however.
    <b>Chubby Chasers (TV)</b> - A huge woman sits and tramples on a man.
    <b>Circus</b> - A category within a category; circus shows often feature many trampling/balancing acts, especially groups like <b>Cirque du Soleil</b>, <b>The Chinese State Circus</b>, and so on....
    <b>Circus Maximus (TV show)</b> - Roseanne Barr and Kelly Hu stood barefoot on a male fakir. I would love to see this clip!
    <b>Class of Nuke 'Em High.</b> - A woman crushes a man's crotch.
    <b>Cleopatra: The Film That Changed Hollywood</b> - This movie features a Joan Collins barefoot victory pose scene.
    <b>Cleopatra 2525I: "<i>Out of Body</i>" (TV)</b> - A female evil character, Raina, steps on a beggar's leg in this episode.
    <b>Cleopatra Jones</b> - Trample scene.
    <b>Constantine</b> - Towards the end of the movie, Tilda Swinton tramples Keannu Reeves for a good 10 seconds, during which she rubs her feet on his face.
    <b>Cops (TV)</b> - A female cop chases, and finally takes down a large suspect. She forces him face down in a field, places one foot on his back, and proceeds to cuff him. This was a "real-life" situation.
    <b>Cornetti Alla Crema</b> - Edwige Fennech fondles the head of a man with her foot.
    <b>Counterfeit</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Coyote (Italian TV)</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Irene Grandi.
    <b>Crazy Horse, Intelligent monkey</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Creeping Flesh, the</b> - A woman crushes man's fingers, causing him to fall to his doom.
    <b>Crew, the</b> - A man kisses and sucks the feet of Carrie-Anne Moss.
    <b>Criminali della galassia, I (1965)</b> - Three different segments: in the first two, a group of women demonstrate how to defend against an assailant, throwing them down and finishing off with a stomp.
    <ul><li>The third segment is similar to the ones above, but the women also proceeds to step full weight on a man (she is wearing high heels.)</ul>
    <b>Cronache Marziane (Italian TV)</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Paola Barale.
    <ul><li>In a different episode, a man kisses mistresses boots.</ul>
    <b>Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon</b> - During a fight scene, Michelle Yeoh steps on -- and jumps off – a man.
    <b>Crumb</b> - A group of women victory pose on a man.
    <b>CSI: woman "<i>Heather's Box</i>" (TV)</b> - Elizabeth Berkley stars as a woman who killed a man by stomping on him.
    <b>Dempsey & Makepeace (1985, TV)</b> - Glynis Barber crushes a man's hand.
    <b>Dance of Death</b> - Angela Mao walks on the backs of a few people; kind of like a "human staircase".
    <b>Dark Angel (TV): <i>"The Kidz are Aiiglt"</i></b> - Jessica Alba steps on a man.
    <b>Das Ecke (1967)</b> - A close-up of a large, sexy, open-toed, spike heeled stocking foot (with red toenails) stepping off a little boy's crushed face.
    <b>DBGT: "<i>Goku vs. Ledgic</i>" (Anime)</b> - Trample scene
    <UL><LI><B>"Beginning of the End, The"</b> - Trample scene
    </UL><b>Dead Weekend (1995)</b> - Worship scene
    <b>Death and the Maiden (1994)</b> - This film features three foot/domination scenes.
    <b>Death Duel of Mantis (HK movie, 1978)</b> - There was an excellent stomach trample scene in this.
    <b>Dennis Norden's 6th Laughter File (TV)</b> - One of the outtakes featured the TV presenter Claire Grogan who, in place of her usual platform, stood barefoot on a man's back, asking him "if he was alright down there".
    <b>Dentist, the</b> - Molly Haganin puts her foot on a man's crotch.
    <b>Der Jungle Torless (1966)</b> - Three boys hold a boy down and order a prostitute to walk on his back in high heels. She does just that, accidentally killing the boy due to her having far too much fun.
    <b>Desperate Housewives: Episode 10-1</b> - A woman wearing spike heels tramples on a man's back.
    <b>Devil's Advocate</b> - Keannu Reeves kisses and fondles Charlize Theron's feet.
    <b>Diary of a Mad Old Man, The</b> - Great foot worship scene
    <b>Diamonds for Breakfast (1968)</b> - A woman massages Marcello Mastroianni’s throat with her bare foot after a karate exhibition.
    <b>Divorcing Jack</b> - A man gets his head stepped on.
    <b>Doe Artze: "<i>Bitte Bitte</i>" (Music video)</b> - Foot/shoe worship + domination scenes.
    <b>Diet Product commercial</b> - A woman steps on a scale, and we get to see a close-up of her feet and shoes.
    <b>Diplomatic Siege</b> - A woman steps on a man's back to reach a window.
    <b>Disney Animated Hercules</b> - This movie features a trample scene.
    <b>Dobermann (2000)</b> - Monica Belluci stars in this French movie. In one scene, Monica puts her foot on a face of a man, causing him to fall from the car.
    <b>Dogma</b> - Linda Fiorentino steps on a woman's back
    <b>Dolemite (1975)</b> - A female martial arts instructor stomps on a student.
    <b>Dominion Tank Police (Anime, episode unknown)</b> - One of the Puma Girls walks up and steps right on the Lieutenant. She just stands on him whilst talking to him.
    <b>Donny & Marie</b> - Donny Osmond had his back walked on by a masseuse in an as yet unknown episode.
    <b>do not Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Tracey Cherelle Jones.
    <b>Dot Comedy (TV show)</b> - Gail Porter and three other women trampled Don Kichote live on this show. Excellent scene!
    <b>DragonBall Elimination Round: possibly episode 9 (Anime)</b> - Trample
    <UL><LI>"<B>Master Thief Haski"</b> - Trample
    <LI><B>"Roshi's surprise"</b> - Victory scene
    <li><B>Episode 89</b> - A girl steps on a man's broken leg.
    </ul><b>DragonBall Z: "<i>Global Announcement</I>"</b> - A girl steps on a “bad guy’s” cape.
    <UL><LI><B>"Goku's Assassin"</b> - Girl crushes a controller.
    <li><B>"No Match for the Androids"</b> - A girl steps on a man's back and arm
    <li><b>"Pay to Win"</b> - The aforementioned girl does a victory pose on another fighter.
    </UL><b>Dreamers, the</b> - Features a foot worship scene, courtesy of Eva Green
    <b>Dr. Jeckyll and Ms. Hyde (1995)</b> - A man worships Sean Young’s feet.
    <b>Dr. Jeckyll's Dungeon of Death (1982)</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Due carabinieri, I</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Claudia Poggiani.S
    <b>Dukes of Hazzard (2005)</b> - In one scene Jessica Simpson throws a man to the floor and puts her foot on his throat.
    <b>Earthquake (1974)</b> - A woman descends a ladder, accidentally crushing a man's hand in the process.
    <b>Eating Raoul</b> - Two scenes:
    <ul><li>Mary Woronow walks on her husband's back.
    <li>Susan Saiger, acting as a dominatrix, steps on a man.</ul>
    <b>Ed Sullivan Show (TV)</b> - There was an episode featuring the "Apache Dance", in which the victorious female dancer ends her act by placing her foot on the chest of her vanquished male foe.
    <b>E la nave va</b> - Foot worship scene.
    <b>Ek Stree (Indian erotic movie)</b> - Foot worship scene.
    <b>Elvira Mistress of the Dark</b> - Cassandra Peterson walks on the backs of some men.
    <b>Engimono? (Japanese movie)</b> - A woman steps on a man's groin.
    <b>Enter the Dragon</b> - Ahna Capri walks barefoot on John Saxon's back
    <b>Eraser</b> - Venessa Williams kicks a prone man in the head.
    <b>Escoriandoli (1996)</b> - A woman attacks a man by first stomping on his feet, then by jumping full weight on his foot, and finishes him off by stomping on his prone body.
    <b>Et Dieu... créa la femme</b> - A woman pushes a man's head underwater with her foot.
    <b>Existenz</b> - foot-kissing scene/
    <b>Exit to Eden</b> - A man is doing pushups... and this hot woman (Iman) with red shoes comes over and steps on his neck, during which she talks to him. Scene lasts for approx. 20 seconds.
    <b>Experiment, the</b> - Andrea Sawatzki repeatedly stomps on a prone man.
    <b>Extreme Adventures of Super Dave (2000)</b> - Gia Carides, oblivious to the fine art of ashiatsu, walks on Bob Einstein's back, causing him a great deal of pain. A great scene!
    <b>Fallo</b> - Raffaelle Ponzo steps on, and walks full weight on a man's hand.
    <ul><li>There is also another great foot worship scene in this movie. </ul>
    <b>Family Game, the (1983)</b> - A group of models accidentally step on a boy's face.
    <b>Family Matters: "<i>Walk on the Wild Side</i>" (TV)</b> - Trample scene. Also another trample scene in the episode <i>"Life of the Party"</i>
    <b>Fancy Pants</b> - Trample scene with Lucille Ball
    <b>Fanfan La Tulipe</b> - To help a group of young damsels in distress (well, distressed in as much as "couldn't be bothered to climb up two feet so that we can enter a wagon",) a man assumes the classical "on all fours" position, thus ensuring that they are able to get on the wagon accordingly.
    <b>Fantozzi</b> - Anna Mazzamauro walks on a man in order to reach her room.
    <b>Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!</b> - Tura Satane kills a man by pulling hard on his neck, leveraging with her foot on his back.
    <b>Fasulye</b> - An amusing scene in which two women attempt to hide the body of a man from their father. In a moment of haste they put the body behind the sofa, and both simultaneously stand on it as to "mask it" from their father. Both of the actresses are very pretty.
    <b>Fatal Instinct (1993), with Kate Nellingan</b>
    <b>Father Knows Best</b> - Betty takes up fencing, vanquishes Bud and sets her foot on him.
    <b>Feng Shen Bang? (HK, TV)</b> - Victory pose scene.
    <b>Flash Gordon 3</b> - Two women are making love and sitting on the back of a naked slave.
    <b>the Fourth Man</b> - Foot worship; Renee Soutendijk.
    <b>Friends: <i>"One where Gunther Leaves"</I></b> - Jennifer Aniston stomps on a man's foot.
    <b>From Dusk Till Dawn</b> - Salma Hayek places one foot on George Clooney's chest and verbally degrades him.
    <b>Full House (TV)</b> - In this one episode a little boy is stuck on the steps, and this girl, "Kimmie", comes up to him and says: "would you like to smell my feet", and takes off her shoes and puts her pink socks close to his nose for maybe 5-8 seconds.
    <b>Furi Kuri (Anime)</b> - Two scenes: A victory pose at the end of episode 4, and a trample scene at the very end of episode 5.
    <b>Futurama: "<I>My Three Sins</I>" (animated series)</b>
    <b>Gara Di Pattinaggio (TV)</b> - A female ice skater steps full weight on a man's stomach.
    <b>Gekko no Sasayaki aka Moonlight Whispers (1999)</b> - A number of foot worship scenes.
    <b>George of the Jungle 2</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Geri Halliwell: "<i>Bag it Up</i>" (Music video)</b> - Geri Halliwell steps on a dancer's back
    <ul><li><b>"Look at Me" (Music Video)</b> - Geri Halliwell's dancers "form a ladder" for her to get across on.</b></ul>
    <b>Gidget Goes to Rome</b> - Cindy Carol, never the one to casually walk around a puddle, uses a servant as a "plank of wood" to get across.
    <b>G.I. Jane (1998)</b> - Quick trample scene
    <b>Girlfriend from Hell (1989)</b> - Girl rubs stocking-clad feet; also some barefoot kicking of man.
    <b>Girlie Show, the (TV)</b> - The leggy model, Rachel Williams, trampled the infamous crush enthusiast, Jeff Vilencia, during their interview on this show.
    <ul><li>In another espisode, Sara Cox stepped on a man's back</ul>
    <b>Girl in Gold Boots (1968)</b> - Leslie McCrae steps all over a pleading man in tune to Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots were made for walking".
    <b>Girls in Prison (1994)</b> - A group of around a dozen or so female inmates trample a fellow prisoner to death. One woman even stomps on her face.
    <b>Gladiatress (2004)</b> - A woman steps on a man's chest.
    <ul><li>A woman walks over the backs of several men who form a human stairway for her.</ul>
    <b>Globe Trekker</b> - Christina Chang travels to Spain, dresses like Clint Eastwood, fights a cowboy, and defeats him in a gun battle. She then places her foot on his chest, and proceeds to kill him, all whilst keeping her foot on his chest.
    <b>Godspell (1973)</b> - A scene in an as yet unknown old B&W movie appeared in this film.
    <b>Golden Oldie Picture Show</b> - After a brief fight, a blonde girl puts her foot on dark haired girl's head.
    <b>Goodnight and Godbless (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A pretty woman walked on a man's back in an as yet unknown episode of this sitcom.
    <b>Graffiante Desiderio (1991)</b> - Two trample/foot worship scenes, courtesy of Vittoria Belvedere.
    <b>Grande Fratello 4 (TV)</b> - Couple of victory pose scenes.
    <b>Grease</b> - Olivia Newton-John pushes John Travolta away with her foot.
    <ul><li>In a separate scene, she massages a man by kneeling full weight on him.</ul>
    <b>Great Catherine</b> - Features a foot-kissing scene, courtesy Jeanne Moreau.
    <b>Great Teacher Onizuka (Anime)</b> - There were a number of foot worship/domination scenes in this anime.
    <b>Gremlins 2</b> - Foot worship
    <b>Guardian Angel (1994)</b> - Cynthia Rothrock, dressed in a matching black outfit and stilettos, stomps on a prone man.
    <b>Haibane Renmei: Episode 9 (Anime)</b> - A girl climbs on the back of a man so that she can get out of the well. This scene lasts for approx. 10 seconds.
    <b>Hana Yori Dango (Anime)</b> - A couple of scenes:
    <ul><li><b>Episode 10</b> - A girl jumps full weight on a man's back three times
    <li><b>Episode 12</b> - A girl stands full weight on a man's back, and proceeds to stomp on him a few times for good measure.
    </ul><b>Happy Families: "<i>Bob the Boxer</i>"</b> - Woman walks over a man, stepping on his stomach in the process, and then does the same on the way back.
    <b>Hart to Hart (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A man had his back walked on in an as yet unknown episode to this show.
    <b>Hawaii 5-0: "<i>Sign of a Ram</i>" (TV)</b> - A woman in a bikini walks on a man's back.
    <b>HBO documentary</b> - They made a documentary about different fetishes and in this particular one they explored femdom & trample.
    <b>Head in Clouds</b> - Charlize Theron steps on a man's chest and face wearing high heels.
    <b>Heilige Hure, Die (1998)</b> - Forced boot worship, courtesy of Susanna Simon.
    <b>Hell Swarm (TV)</b> - Amanda Welles crushes a man's hand.
    <b>Hellraiser VI</b> - Sarah Jane grinds a man's crotch.
    <b>Hercules (TV): <i>"Armageddon Now Part 2"</i></b> - Victory pose scene, courtesy of Hudson Leick.
    <b>Hercules the Legendary Journeys: "<i>Not Fade Away</i>"</b> - Featuring a victory pose scene, courtesy of Cynthia Rothrock.
    <b>Here on Earth</b> - A man worships Leelee Sobieski’s feet.
    <b>Hold On (1965)</b> - Upon hearing that the inventor of the guillotine was executed by his own device, Shelley Fabares makes a facetious remark, stating, "I wish I could say the same for the man who invented these high heels, my feet are killing me". It then cuts off to a shot of a harem of about a hundred women brutally trampling a small Frenchman to death!
    <b>Home Improvement: "<i>Howard's End</i>" (TV)</b> - Victory pose scene
    <ul><li>In an as yet unknown episode, Tim Allen (and his two friends) get their backs walked on at a massage parlour.</ul>
    <b>Honest</b> - A woman puts her foot on a hostage's back while aiming at him with a gun.
    <b>Hot Chick</b> - A lap dancer (Rachel McAdams) steps on a man's groin while reaching the table.
    <b>Hot Shots</b> - Valeria Golino steps on piano player (Charlie Sheen's) fingers.
    <b>Hotel du Nord</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Arletty.
    <b>House of Insane Women (1974)</b> - A large group of women crush to death a dwarf who is pinned under a door. Good sound effects of dwarf being crunched flat along with scenes of blood popping out from under the door as the women trample with their bare feet.
    <b>House of the Dead (2003)</b> - Ona Grauer crushes the head of a demon.
    <b>How (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A man demonstrates the strength of eggs by laying on them. He then requisitions the services of his female co-host by getting her to stand on him. No... the eggs didn't break.
    <b>Hudson Hawk</b> - Victory pose with Sandra Bernhard.
    <b>Hundra</b> - Laureene Landon places one foot on the chest of a prone man.
    <b>Hunter X Hunter OVA 1 (Anime)</b> - A woman hypnotizes a man and then proceeds to order him to lie down. She then starts applying pressure slowly to his groin with her feet, grinding away whilst he groans out of pleasure, begging for more and more. The scene ends with a loud scream. A truly excellent scene!
    <b>Image of Bruce Lee, The</b> - A number of scenes, including a foot scene, a trample scene, and a victory pose.
    <b>I Love Lucy</b> - Couple of scenes:
    <UL><LI>Lucy stands on a bear rug in one episode.
    <LI>Victory pose during a "beauty contest"; a man falls down and a contestant puts her "down", so to speak.
    </UL><b>I Raccomandati (Italian TV)</b> - Moran Atias tramples barefoot on a "hypnotized" boy who serves as a human bridge.
    <b>In The Cut</b> - A man worships Meg Ryan’s feet.
    <b>Intolerable Cruelty</b> - Does not feature any trample/crush scenes, but it does have some good feet scenes nonetheless.
    <b>Invisible Man, the</b> - Brandy Ledford crushes a man's hand.
    <b>Inuyasha: "<I>The Phantom Sword, Tetsusaiga</i>" (Anime)</b> - Girl steps on a bad man's head, and later jumps on his back.
    <b>Jackass (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Two dominatrix stomp and trample on Preston Lacy, one of the stuntmen in this show.
    <b>Jackie Brown</b> - There were a number of great sole shots of Bridget Fonda's feet in this movie.
    <b>Jackie Chan's Adventures: "<i>Big Jade, Little Valmont</i>" (Animated series)</b> - Trampling scene
    <b>Jade (1995)</b> - Foot Worship and CBT.
    <b>James Whale Show</b> - A man sang 'dance little lady' while Cleo Rocos stood on his chest in heels.
    <b>Jesse (TV)</b> - Christina Applegate stands on a man's back for a while.
    <b>John Q (2002) (Heather Wahlquist; at the end of the movie)</b>
    <b>Johnny Be Good</b> - Uma Thurman puts her feet on the chest of a boy, and asks him to rub them.
    <b>Journal d'une femme de chambre, Le</b> - A man worships Jeanne Moreau’s feet.
    <b>Joy Commercial</b> - A girl puts her foot on a boy's forehead.
    <b>Jumeau (1984)</b> - There is a scene in this French film in which Carey More accidentally crushes Pierre Richard's hand.
    <b>Jungle Gents (1954)</b> - Luarette Luez steps on the back of a lion (a man in a lion costume).
    <b>Justice League: "<i>Paradise Lost</i>" (animated series)</b> - Wonder Woman fights Superman and does a victory pose on him.
    <b>Kaama</b> - Kashmira Shah walks over a group of men forming a "human bridge", and even has time to do a little dance on them.
    <b>Karen Sisco: "<i>Dumb Bunnies</i>"</b> - Carla Gugino throws a man down, and proceeds to do a victory pose on him
    <b>Karz</b> - A woman runs over and kills her husband, then gets out of a car and steps on him (wearing high-heeled sandals) for good measure.
    <b>Keen Eddie: "<i>Horse Heir</i>" (TV)</b> - A woman walks on a man’s back.
    <b>Keeping up Appearances (TV, unknown)</b> - Clive Swift forms a human bridge for Patricia Routledge to cross over.
    <b>Kickboxer 2</b> - A woman stomps on a man.
    <b>Kill Bill 1</b> - Uma Thurman jumps on a man's shoulders.
    <b>Killing Words</b> - Goya Toledio rests her foot on a man's shoulder.
    <b>Kilma, Queen of the Amazons</b> - An Amazon puts her foot on a chest of a man as she pulls her spear out of the carcass.
    <b>Kim Possible: "<i>The Twin Factor</i>" (animated series)</b> - Trample
    <b>King of the Hill: "<i>Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet</i>" (animated show)</b>
    <b>Kingpin (1995) (Vanessa Angel)</b>
    <b>Knock Off</b> - Victory Pose
    <b>woman Blue</b> - Jamie Blue crushes a man's hand.
    <b>woman's Phone Sex Club</b>
    <b>L'Amour Braque (1985)</b> - A woman tramples all over a man, even using him as trampoline. Excellent scene!
    <b>La Derniere Femme (1976)</b> - Foot worship, courtesy of Ornella Muti.
    <b>La Femme et le Pantin</b> - Foot worship, with Brigitte Bardot.
    <b>La Femme Nikita: "<i>Treason</i>"</b> - Nikita stomps on a man's hand.
    <b>woman Dragon</b> - Cynthia Rothrock stomps on a man.
    <b>Lair of the White Worm</b> - Amanda Donohue drowns a man with her feet. She is wearing knee high, black platform boots.
    <b>Largo Winch (TV, 2001)</b> - Two scenes in this: In one episode, Sidney Penny crushes a man's hand; in the other, she puts her foot on a man's throat.
    <b>Last Action Hero</b> - A woman knocks a man to the ground and jumps on him full weight.
    <b>Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the (1962)</b> - A slave prostrates himself before his Queen, so that she can exit her carriage safely. First the Queen exits and then steps on his back, then the slave girl steps on him as she exits.
    <b>Latin Lovers, featuring Lana Turner</b>
    <b>La Vergine Della Lussuria</b> - Couple of foot worship scene with Adriadna Gil.
    <b>Le Iene - Alessia Mertz (Italian TV show)</b> - Alessia Mertz removes her boots and nylons.
    <b>Les biches</b> - A woman fondles the face of a man with her foot.
    <b>Lethal Weapon 3</b> - A woman stomps on a man.
    <b>Little Death, the</b> - Pamela Gidley rubs her stocking-clad foot on a man's crotch, finishing off by doing a full turn on it.
    <b>Little Orhan Annie</b> - A barefoot girl steps on the head of another girl.
    <b>Live with Regis and Kelly (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Kelly enthusiastically walks barefoot on Regis' back. The scene lasts for about 2-3 minutes.
    <b>Lost Empire, The</b> - Melanie Vincz throws a man to the ground and places her foot on his chest.
    <b>Love American Style: "<i>Love and the Geisha</i>" (TV)</b> - A girl walks barefoot on a man's back.
    <b>Love Camp 7 (1967)</b> - A female prisoner walks on another prisoner's back.
    <b>Love Crazy (1941)</b> - Ex-wife steps all over ex-husband as she escapes stuck elevator.
    <b>Lovers</b> - Victoria Abril massages a man with her foot/shoe. She pushes him to the bed and then puts her foot between his legs.
    <b>Madonna: "<i>Material Girl</i>" (Music video)</b> - Madonna puts her foot on a man's chest.
    <ul><li>Madonna has also trampled/walked on her dancers during some of her live performances</ul>
    <b>Mai dire domenica - Letteronze (TV)</b> - Female dancers do a victory pose on another female dancer.
    <b>Maison Ikkoku: "<i> Fall Festival Foul - Up! All Swell That Ends In A Well"</i>" (Anime)</b> - Trample scene, in which a female has to climb on a man's back to get out of the well. Their attempts were not overly successful.
    <b>Making Mr. Right</b> - A robot rubs her stock-clad feet against a man's chin; also a shot of bare feet while driving.
    <b>Manimal (1983)</b> - Melody Anderson crushes a man's foot with the heel of her shoe.
    <b>Manon 70</b> - Foot worship; Catherine Deneuve stars.
    <b>Man With the Deadly Lens, the</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Married to the Mob</b> - Foot worship with Michelle Pfeiffer
    <b>Married with Children (TV) - <i>"The Great Escape"</i></b> - Christina Applegate steps on her brother's back while he is sleeping on the floor.
    <ul><li><b>Unknown episode</b> - Features a foot-kissing scene.</ul>
    <b>Martial Law (1998)</b> - There was a multitude of stomp/trample scenes in this series; Kelly Hu was usually the one doing it.
    <b>M.A.S.H.</b> - Hiroko Watanabe walks on McLean Stevenson's back.
    <b>Maverick</b> Jodie Foster steps full weight on Mel Gibson's stomach.
    <b>Maybe Baby</b> - A somewhat unattractive woman massages a man by walking on his chest.
    <b>Mean Guns (1997) (Tina Cote)</b>
    <b>Men Behaving Badly (American TV version)</b> - Jenica Bergere steps on -- and walks over -- Rob Schneider.
    <b>Mi Consenta (Italian TV show, 2003)</b> - Valeria Marini walked on the hands on her dancers. There are also numerous other scenes in different shows which feature her doing the same.
    <b>Miranda (2002)</b> - An excellent foot worship scene, courtesy of Christina Ricci.
    <b>Miss Macho</b> - Two trampling scenes
    <b>Missing: season 2 (2003, TV)</b> - Caterina Scorsone "puts her foot down"--literally--on a man's stomach, in an attempt to extract some information.
    <b>Mistresses (TV, episode unknown)</b> - One episode profiles Mistress Chloe, and in it she talks about her most requested service: trampling. We then see a few short scenes of a man getting his back walked on by a woman in high heel boots.
    <b>Mondo Cane: A Dog's Life</b> - A woman walks on a man’s back from three distinctly different views. Firstly, we see a “point of view” shot (situated under the table) of her bouncing up and down a client. The scene then fades to a third person close-up, and finally, finishes off with a distant shot.
    <b>Money Pit (1985)</b> - A woman steps on and crushes Tom Hanks' fingers (who happens to be hanging off a ledge), causing him to fall down.
    <b>Monster Cafe (Children's TV show)</b> - A woman steps full weight on a mummy's (well, a man dressed as one) stomach in an as yet unknown episode.
    <b>Moonlight Whispers</b> - Foot worship scene.
    <b>Moonlighting (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A woman steps on Bruce Willis' back.
    <b>MTV: "<i>I Bet you Will</i>" (TV)</b> - A boy is challenged to lie down and serve as a plank for approximately 10 girls to cross over. Many of the girls "took their time" in crossing over; some even having time to dance on his back! Excellent scene!
    <b>MTV Sex in the 90's, Vol VII: "<i>What She Wants</i>" (1996)</b> - A girl named Valerie explains her fantasy of being a leather-clad dominatrix with her own personal slave. She narrates a video clip of a slave kneeling for her, licking her high-heeled boots, being stepped on by her, and more.
    <b>MTV Special: "<i>USO special for the troops</i>"</b> - Jennifer Lopez performed for the troops and walked on the backs of men dressed as soldiers, similar to Uma Thurman in Batman and Robin.
    <b>Mutande Pazze (1992)</b> - A woman crushes a man's hand under her heel.
    <b>Mutant X (TV): "<i>I Scream the Body Electric</i>"</b> - Features a trample/victory pose scene.
    <b>My Family (TV, unknown episode)</b> - In one episode, during a Yoga class, Robert Lindsay gets his back stepped on by the instructor.
    <ul><li>Additionally, Daniela Denby-Ashe stepped on Kris Marshall in another as yet unknown episode.</ul>
    <b>My Wife is a Gangster 2</b> - Shin Eun-Kyung stomps a few times on a prone man.
    <b>Naked Video (TV)</b> - A great full weight trample scene in an as yet unknown episode, in which two women enlist the services of their husbands during an aerobics class, by making them act as aerobic steps, thus stepping all over them in the process.
    <b>Nanny, the: Episode 5-4</b> - Fran persuades her friend to "get on all fours", and proceeds to climb up on his back.
    <ul><li>A woman walks on the backs of two men (who happened to have formed a human stairway.)</ul>
    <b>NARC</b> - A woman wakes a man by caressing his face with her foot.
    <b>Natural Born Killers</b> - Juliette Lewis tramples a man to death.
    <b>Neon Genesis Evangelion: "<i>Asuka Strikes</i>" (Anime)</b> - Girl steps on some man's hat.
    <b>New Avengers TV Show (TV): "<i>House of Cards</i>"</b> - Purdey (Joanna Lumley) steps fully on prone Gambit is stomach in high-heeled sandals.
    <b>New Fist of Fury (HK film)</b> - Jackie Chan gets his back and body stomped on by Nora Miao.
    <b>Next Friday</b> - A man gets his back walked on by an unattractive old woman.
    <b>Night Court: "<i>No Reservations</i>" (TV)</b> - A barefoot woman walks on a man’s back.
    <b>Night Fire (Rochelle Swanson)</b>
    <b>Night Warriors: Dalkstalkers' Revenge (Anime)</b>
    <b>Niña de tus ojos, La</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Penelope Cruz.
    <b>Noises Off... (1992)</b> - A woman accidentally steps on a man's hand.
    <ul><li>Additionally, a woman jumps full weight on a man’s chest in another trample scene.</ul>
    <b>Not another Teen Movie (2001)</b> - Chyler Leigh steps full weight on a man's stomach.
    <b>Not Like Us</b> - A "female alien" tramples a man all along his back.
    <b>Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill</b> - Numerous foot/leg worship scenes, plus a trample scene.
    <b>Now or Never (Dutch TV, unknown episode)</b> - As part of a challenge, a man allowed 100 people to use him as a supermarket doormat.
    <b>? Obsession (Italian movie; unknown first word)</b> - Two scenes:
    <OL><LI>The female protagonist places her foot on a man's neck, and shoves his head under water.
    <LI>She places one foot on his chest as she verbally abuses him.
    </OL><b>Off the Mark</b> - Terry Farrel walks on the backs of several mans who form a stairway for her to walk down on.
    <ul><li>Additionally, Terry stepped on a man's buttocks in a different part of the film.</ul>
    <b>Oh, Serafina</b> - A woman tramples full weight on a man's chest.
    <b>Onegin (1999)</b> - This movie features a foot worship scene
    <b>Olay commercial</b> - A masseuse starts walking on a woman's back, but falls off in the process.
    <b>Order, the</b> - This movie features a trample scene.
    <B>One Piece (Anime)</b> - Countless trample/crush scenes.
    <b>Orphans (1998)</b> - Trample scene in which a woman steps on top of a pinned (under a door) man, and proceeds to jump up and down many times.
    <b>Ostinato Destino</b> - Angela Finocchiaro walks on her brother's back, stating, "it is not so beautiful to trample someone who enjoys it".
    <ul><li>In another scene, she drowns a man with her foot.
    <li>Furthermore, there is also a trample scene with Marina Berti, in which she steps on a prone man.
    <li>In the fourth scene, Monica Belluci places her foot on a man's groin, slowly applying pressure in the process. Did the director, Gianfranco Albano, have a foot/trample fetish, or what?</ul>
    <b>Out in Fifty</b> - A man gets his back walked on
    <ul><li>A foot worship scene, courtesy of Christina Applegate.</ul>
    <b>Out of Sigh</b> - Jennifer Lopez victory pose scene
    <b>Oxford Blues (1984)</b> - Foot worship, courtesy of Amanda Pays.
    <b>Oxygen</b> - Maura Tierney places her foot on a prone man, holding him in place with a gun pointed at his head.
    <b>Pacific Blue: "<i>Kidnapped</i>" (TV)</b>
    <b>Pacifier</b> - The actress from the series "Gilmore Girls" fights, and steps on a neck of a Chinese man, holding him for maybe 5 seconds.
    <b>Palm Beach Story, The</b> - Claudette Colbert steps twice on Rude Vallee's face, first time crushing his glasses.
    <b>Paola E Chiara: "<i>Kamasutra</i>" (Music Video)</b> - A woman keeps a man down by applying pressure --with her foot -- to his chest.
    <b>Passion Flower Hotel</b> - A girl steps on a boy's stomach while climbing a boat.
    <b>Paula Abdul: "<i>My Love for You</i>" (Music Video)</b> - A group of dancers forms a “human” floor for Paula to get across, and she does just that, walking on them with her bare feet. In a live performance of this song, she walked across them in high heels.
    <b>Payback</b> - Lucy Liu beats up a man, forcing him to fall to the floor where she continues stomping on him, finally finishing off by twisting out his groin.
    <b>Pedicab Driver</b> - A woman tramples full weight over a group of hoodlums, who at that time were pinned underneath some debris.
    <b>Penthouse, Women In and Out of Uniform (1995)</b> - Victory pose
    <b>Perdita Durango</b> - A girl puts her booted foot on another woman's chest, and proceeds to order her to kiss it.
    <b>Perez Family, the (1995), with Marisa Tomei</b>
    <b>Per Tutta La Vita (TV)</b> - Victory pose.
    <b>Picture Perfect (1997)</b> - Foot worship, courtesy of Jennifer Aniston.
    <b>Pink Chiquittas</b> - A man is sinking in the quicksand and pleas her wife to help him. She puts her foot on his face and pushes him further down, smiling at his agony.
    <b>Pirate Fetish No:1 (xxx video)</b> - A woman tramples on a man.
    <b>Playboy film (Unknown title)</b> - A woman walks on a man's back while he is on the phone.
    <b>Playboy show (Unknown title)</b> - A woman crushes a man's hand.
    <b>Players Club, the</b> - A woman repeatedly stomps and kicks another woman.
    <b>Poison Ivy</b> - Drew Barrymore caresses a man’s groin with her shoes.
    <b>Police Woman: "<i>Nothing Left to Lose</i>"</b> - Episode opens with a superb backwalking scene, and lasts for approximately 30 seconds.
    <b>Posta Del Cuore aka Good Advice?</b> - A man worships Lisa Rinna’s feet.
    <b>Powerpuff Girls (Animated series)</b> - The opening segment shows the heroines standing on criminals. In another episode, Blossom -- in the body of Ms. Bellum -- at one point has the body of Mojo under her heel.
    <b>Preppies</b> - Great trample scene in which a man asks two women to stand on his chest so that he can "accurately predict their weight".
    <b>Pretender, the: "<i>The Better Part of Valor</i>"</b> - trample/victory pose scene with Andrea Parker.
    <b>Primal Scream: "<i>Swastika Eyes</i>" (Music Video)</b> - A group of women repeatedly trample a man; full weight, high heels/boots.
    <ul><li><b>"Kowalski"</b> - There were additional trample/victory pose scenes in this video.</ul>
    <b>Protector, the</b> - Jackie Chan gets his back walked on by Cindy Yeung.
    <b>Pushed to the Limit (1992)</b>
    <b>Quand Harriet Decoupe Charlie</b> - A man hangs from the roof, clinging for dear life, when a woman proceeds to step his fingers.
    <b>Queen of Swords (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Trample scene.
    <b>Quelle strane occasioni</b> - Stefania Sandrelli climbs all over a man in an attempt to reach something.
    <b>Quick and the Dead, the</b> - Sharon Stone kicks a prone man.
    <b>Raffaella Carre Show (Italian TV)</b> - Countless trample scenes in this show, usually administered by Raffaella Carre herself.
    <ul><li><b>Manuela Arcuri</b>, while a guest on Rafaella's show, made an entrance by climbing over two of her dancers' legs.</ul>
    <b>Ranma 1/2: "<i>Growing up with Ms. Hinako</i>"</b> - Trample/victory pose
    <b>Ravanello Pallido</b> - Featuring forced foot worship, courtesy of Luciana Littizzetto.
    <b>Reboot: "<i>Infected</i>" (Animated series)</b> - Trample scene
    <UL><LI><B>"Where no Sprite has Gone Before"</b> - Crush scene
    </UL><b>Red Dawn (1984)</b> - Jennifer Grey crushes a man's hand.
    <b>Red Sonya</b> - Red Sonya (Brigitte Nielsen) is training with a little boy. At the end, she throws him to the ground, and puts her foot on his chest.
    <b>Relic Hunter (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Tia Carrere uses her sidekick's head as a means of "transport". She is wearing brown suede boots.
    <ul><li>In another unknown episode, Tia steps on a man's neck with her black suede boots.</ul>
    <b>Revenge of the Stepford Wives</b> - A group of women throw a man from the window, follow him down (via the staircase), and proceed to stomp him to death.
    <b>Ride 'em Cowboy (1942)</b> - Two women, one right after the other, jump on Costello's back.
    <b>Ride the Wild Surf (1964)</b> - Woman steps on a man's face.
    <b>Ripley's Believe it or Not (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A man lies down on broken glass and allows women to step and jump all over him.
    <b>RI:SE (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Four men laid on their front, forming a human carpet for Caprice to walk on. As soon as she walked over one, he would run to the back of the queue to be trod on again. In the end, she remarked, "I like that game".
    <b>Road Trip</b> - Amy Smart gets her feet licked.
    <b>Robin Hood (TV)</b> - Three beautiful witches charmed and proceeded to capture Robin Hood’s friend. One of them uses him as a footstool; another one sits on his back; the third one rubs her feet on his chin.
    <b>Robocop 2</b> - Two prostitutes stomp a man on the ground with stiletto heels.
    <b>Rockman.exe: Episode 19 (Anime)</b> - Victory pose
    <b>Romeo is Bleeding</b> - Woman steps and crushes a man's hand.
    <b>Rosie</b> - A woman is climbing up a ladder in an attempt to escape from a man. He follows her close behind, to which she proceeds to stomp on his hand, causing him to fall down.
    <b>Roswell: "<i>it is too Late and it is too Bad</i>"</b> - A man massages Emilie De Ravin's feet.
    <b>Rough Magic (1995)</b> - Trample scene with Bridget Fonda.
    <b>RPM</b> - A multitude of (well, three) stomp scenes, courtesy of Famke Janssen.
    <b>Runner, the (1999)</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Courtney Cox.
    <b>Russ Abbot (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Russ Abbot is lying down in the middle of the floor and a pretty nurse just walks over him, stepping on him in the process.
    <b>Ryuhwon (TV)</b> - Ryuh Won, a member of the Korean band Chakra, walked on a man's back during this show.
    <b>Sabah'ta? - This is either a Turkish commercial or a series</b> - A woman with splendid feet walks on a man's back.
    <b>Sabato Domenica E Venerdi</b> - Edwige Fenech kicks a man in the face and stomps on his crotch.
    <b>Sabrina the Teenage Witch: "<I>Salem's Daughter</i>" (TV)</b> - Sabrina defeats and steps full weight on the body of a prone wrestler.
    <ul><li>A girl serves as a footrest for a woman.
    <li>A girl tramples two prone boys in <b>"Sabrina the Sandman"</b>.</b></ul>
    <b>Saila (Italian commercial)</b> - A man serves as a doormat for several women.
    <b>Sailor Beware (1951)</b> -
    <b>Sailor Moon: "<i>Purity Chalice</i>" (Anime)</b> - Sailor Moon jumps on a group of people stuck in some green slime.
    <UL><LI><b>"Tuxedo Melvin"</b> - 2 Girls trample a boy lying on the ground.
    <LI><b>Episode 102</b> - Girl steps on an object
    <LI><B>"Naughty'n Nice"</b> - Trample scene
    </UL><b>Samantha Fox: "<i>Let me be Free</i>" (Music video)</b> - Samantha Fox does a victory pose on a man.
    <b>Samson and Delilah</b> - Delilah pushes Samson's head underwater with her foot.
    <b>Samurai Girl Real Bout High School: Episode 7</b> - Three trample and one crush scene.
    <b>Saranno Famosi (Italian TV)</b> - A girl stands barefoot on a prone man as part of her "performance".
    <b>Saturday Night Live (season 1994, John Travolta hosted)</b> - Trample scene
    <ul><li>Lucy Liu, dressed in a full geisha outfit, walked on Tracey Morgan's back during the “Japanese Weekend” special.</ul>
    <b>Scary Movie</b> - Trample scene with Cheri Oteri. You can find this in the "added contents" section of the DVD edition.
    <b>Schuhwerbung (footwear) commercial</b> - This commercial features a shoe worship scene.
    <b>Scooby Do - The Movie</b> - Sarah Michelle Gellar jumps on the stomach of a wrestler and stomps him down in an hole
    <b>Second Time Around, the</b> - Juliet Prowse puts her foot on a bad man's shoulder so that she can get enough leverage to tie him up.
    <b>Secret of Kowloon Town</b> - Polly Shang Kuan stars in this extremely rare Taiwanese production. In one scene, she throws her assailants to the floor and proceeds to jump on them with her full weight (including the heels).
    <b>See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)</b> - In one scene, Joan Severence steps on a man's wrist in an attempt to disarm him.
    <b>Seinfeld: The Wink</b> - Julia Louis-Dreyfus rubs her feet on a man's face.
    <b>Self Defence commercial</b> - A woman demonstrates how to "fend off an assailant", and finishes off by placing her foot on his face.
    <b>Send Me No Flowers</b> - Foot Worship
    <b>Seven Year Itch, the</b> - Billy Wilder holds, while at the same time Marilyn Monroe pulls on a bottle of Champagne, in an attempt to open it. She presses against his leg with her foot for support.
    <b>Sex and the City: La Douleur Exquise (TV)</b> - Featuring a foot worship scene, courtesy of Kristin Davis.
    <b>Sex Life Down Under (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A young female reporter interviews a man, attempting to find out about his "strange" fetish. As you probably guessed, his fetish was “trampling”, and that is exactly what took place during the remainder of the interview.
    <b>SGT Deadhead (1965)</b> - A whole troop of airforce nurses trample on Buster Keaton's back.
    <b>Shadows of the Heart (TV, unknown episode)</b> - A woman walks barefoot on a "human carpet"
    <b>Shallow Grave</b> - – Kerry Fox pushes Ewan McGregor to floor and puts her foot on his chest. The scene then cuts off to Ewan’s own point of view, in which we see the ambient figure of Kerry Fox slowly grinding her heel on his prone body.
    <b>Sharp End, the (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Gwen Taylor stands full weight atop a man who happens to be blocking her path of exit.
    <b>She Devils on Wheels (1968)</b> - A group of violent women, otherwise known as "man eaters", stomp and trample on a group of men.
    <b>Shirley's World (TV)</b> - Shirley MacLaine walks barefoot on a man’s back. The scene first starts with a distant shot of her approaching the client, then slowly pans down to a great POV shot of her walking on his back
    <b>Showgirls</b> - Elizabeth Berkley repeatedly stomps on a man.
    <b>Shrek</b> - Trampling scene
    <b>Shulato: Episode 17 (animated series)</b> - Victory pose
    <b>Silk Stalkings (1991)</b> - A woman crushes a man's wrist with her foot, in an attempt to "disarm" him.
    <b>Silver Hawk</b> - Michelle Yeoh stands on a man's back in order to untie herself. She later proceeds to stomp on him.
    <ul><li>Additionally, Binbing Li stomps on a man's throat a bit further on in the film.</ul>
    <b>Sin Cities (TV)</b> - In the first series, the presenter visits the studio of, and witnesses just that - men getting trampled.
    <ul><li>In the second series of the programme, a new presenter visits a group of dominatrix in Australia and gets to see them trample their client with boots.
    <li>Another time, he visits Chicago and goes to a fetish party, himself getting trampled by the female host. </ul>
    <b>Single White Female</b> - Victory pose scene with Bridget Fonda
    <b>Singled Out</b> - Jenny McCarthy, in red strappy sandals, trampled on some man's back; coupled with an evil grin, of course.
    <b>Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s the Lost World: "<i>The Knife</i>" (TV)</b>: Victory pose with Jennifer O'Dell
    <b>Slayers (animated movie)</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Smart man: <i>"Book Smart"</i> (TV)</b> - A girl steps on two mans who happen to be lying on the floor.
    <b>Snake Eyes (1998)</b> - Carla Gugino stomps on a man's foot.
    <b>Snap: Oops Up (Music video)</b> - Victory pose in which a woman twists her foot on the body of a prone man.
    <b>So I Married an Axe Murderer</b> - Amanda Plummer, never the one to miss a hand-crush opportunity, crushes Mike Myers' hand as he hangs on for his dear life (off a ledge, that is.)
    <b>Soldier Julie (TV)</b> - Eileen Brennan gets her feet massaged.
    <b>Some Girls Do (1969)</b> - A group of female "robots" trample their creator to death.
    <b>Something Wild</b> - A man worships Melanie Griffith’s feet.
    <b>Sophie Ellis Bextor: "<i>Mixed Up World</i>"</b> - Sophie steps up on, and casually walks over a kneeling man.
    <b>Space Raiders (1983)</b> - Patsy Pease knocks down a robot (well, a man in a robot costume) and proceeds to step on him.
    <b>Spawn (Animated movie)</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Spree, the</b> - Jennifer Beals rubs her foot seductively on a man's prone body. Great scene!
    <b>Spy Kids</b> - Carla Cugino assumes a classic victory pose.
    <b>Star Trek Voyager: "<i>Unforgettable</i>" (TV)</b> - Trample scene
    <b>Stasera pago io - Asia Argento (Italian TV)</b> - Asia Argento does a victory pose and then proceeds to stand full weight on the stomach of her male co-host.
    <b>Step By Step: "<i>Torn between two Mothers</i>"</b> - Victory pose scene.
    <b>Stockholm Syndrome</b> - Two girls fend off their assailants, and proceed to do a victory pose on them. There is also another victory pose in this film.
    <b>Stoned Age, the (1994)</b> - A woman puts her foot on a man and holds him down.
    <b>Street Fighter 2 (Anime)</b> - Chun Li knocks Vega out, steps on his chest, and finally stands full weight on his head, grinding it out.
    <b>Streghe (Italian Horror movie)</b> - A woman holds a man down with her foot and proceeds to massacre him.
    <b>Striscia La Notiza (Italian TV)</b> - Ezio Greggio kissed Michelle Hunziker's feet.
    <b>Succubus (1968)</b> - Janine Reynaud dances full weight on a man's head, finishing him off by shifting her weight onto her spike heels; the heels puncturing right through the screaming man's skull.
    <b>Summer Holiday (1963)</b> - In an attempt to escape from captivity, Lauri Peters enlists the help of a man, who she consequently uses as "human furniture" for her to get through the small opening above the door. She clambers onto his back and head, and manages to escape successfully.
    <b>Superman the Animated Series: "<i>Warrior Queen</i>"</b> - This animated production features three trampling scenes.
    <b>Super Mario Brothers: "<i>Pirates of Koopa</i>" (Animated)</b> - Princess jumps on a man, and then later in the episode, she jumps on a koopa and does a victory pose on him too.
    <b>Supreme Sanction (1999)</b> - A woman stomps on a man's foot.
    <b>Sweet Lies</b> - Julianne Phillips walks on a man's back.
    <b>Switch</b> - Ellen Barkin stomps on a man's foot.
    <b>Sword of Many Loves, the</b> - Michelle Reis knocks down a man, and proceeds to jump on him.
    <b>Take Two aka Clip Mix (German TV show)</b> - A man serves as Sonya's footrest in an as yet unknown episode of this show.
    <b>Teenage Doll (1957)</b> - Six leather-clad girls stomp another female to death.
    <b>Teenage Gang Debs (1966)</b> -
    <b>Tenebre (1982)</b> - Eva Robins first puts her foot on a man's face, then in his mouth.
    <b>Terminator 3</b> - Kristanna Loken, dressed in a red leather outfit and high-heeled boots, puts her foot on the throat of a woman and asks her questions.
    <b>Terrorvision</b> - Diane Franklin tramples the length of an alien in a spacesuit. Fantastic scene!
    <b>They Call Me Bruce</b> - Couple of backwalking scenes: firstly, we see a brief shot of a Japanese woman, dressed in a kimono, walking on a man's back. A short while later, the woman who "stumbled" across this scene does the same to our protagonist, much to his dismay!
    <b>They Call Me Macho Woman (1989)</b> - Two trample scenes
    <b>Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain</b> - Victory pose
    <b>Thursday</b> - Foot worship
    <b>Tokyo Bound: Bondage Mistress of Japan (TV)</b> - Mistress orders a man to get down on his hands and knees and proceeds to step up on his back, asking him if "he is enjoying it". She was wearing strappy high heels. The same mistress was also had her feet worshipped in another segment in the show.
    <b>Tokyo Decadence</b> - A man worships Miho Nikaido’s feet.
    <b>Tomb Raider</b> - A man gets his back walked on while on the phone to Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie).
    <b>Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl (music video)</b> - Tori Amos kicks and dominates another woman.
    <b>Torno Sabato - Matilde Brandi (Italian TV)</b> - Matilde Brandi shoots a singer, and when he falls down, she puts her foot on him.
    <b>Totally Spies: "<I>Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands</i>" (animated show)</b> - Victory pose
    <b>Total Recall</b> - Sharon Stone stomps a few times on Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    <b>Trouble in Store</b> - Norman Wisdom gets trampled by a stampede of about 10 women.
    <b>TV Russa (Russian TV)</b> - A woman uses her dancers like a stage, walking all over them.
    <b>Twin Peaks: "<i>Traces to Nowhere</i>" (TV)</b> - Foot worship scene, courtesy of Piper Laurie.
    <b>Twins Effect</b> - Gillian Cheung stomps hard on a man.
    <b>Twisted (2004)</b> - Ashley Judd stomps on a prone man. There is also a foot worship scene in this film.
    <b>Two of a Kind: "<i>Carrie Moves In</i>" (TV)</b> - Victory pose scene.
    <b>U2: Numb (Music video)</b> - The Edge gets kicked (and pushed) in the face by barefoot women.
    <b>Underground</b> - A man crawls. Mirjana Jokovic, while dancing for him, puts her high-heeled shoe on his chest.
    <b>Under the Tuscan Sun</b> - Featuring a foot-kissing scene.
    <b>Underworld</b> - Kate Beckinsale puts her foot on a man and proceeds to shoot him.
    <b>Uno Di Noi (Italian TV Show)</b> - Lorella Cuccarini trampled a man in a tribute act to Madonna, to "Like a Prayer".
    <b>Un Sacco Bello</b> - A woman fondles the nose of a man with her bare foot.
    <b>Valmont</b> - Fairuza Balk puts her foot on a prone man.
    <b>Vampire Effect</b> - Gillian Chung stomps on a vampire's stomach.
    <b>Vampires Settle on the Police camp</b> - A reasonably rare HK comedy. In one scene, a woman stands -- with her socked feet -- on the shoulders of a zombie in an attempt to escape him... needless to say, you will have to see the film to "understand" it.
    <b>Venus in Furs</b> - Two mistresses are playing chess while their slave is under the table. One of them puts her feet on his neck, while the other brushes her shoe on his face. Then the two women kiss each other while one of them crushes is hand under her heel.
    <b>Verissimo (Italian TV)</b> - An excellent scene in which former Miss Italy, Danny Mendez, stands barefoot on a man's stomach during a live skit.
    <b>Verissimo - Angela Melillo (Italian TV show)</b> - Close up of Angela's foot
    <b>Vietato ai Minori</b> - Mariella Valentini walked on a man's back.
    <b>Visitors (TV)</b> - Elisabetta Canalis does a victory pose on a man.
    <b>Viva Las Vegas</b> - During a gunfight between Bob and Nancy Sinatra, she puts the toe of her boot on his side.
    <b>Volaverunt</b> - This movie features a foot kissing/worship scene.
    <b>War of the Roses</b> - Couple of foot worship scenes.
    <b>Warrior and The Blind Swordsman, the</b> - There are a couple of great, full weight trample scenes in this movie.
    <b>Weekend at Bernies (1986)</b> - Foot worship
    <b>Weekend Pass (1984)</b> - A masseuse walks on a man's back in high heels.
    <b>Whatever Happened to Baby Jane</b> - Bette Davis stomps and kicks the crap out of Joan Crawford. Some pedal pumping scenes, too.
    <b>White Shadow (TV, episode unknown)</b> - A woman walks on a man's back.
    <b>Who's Been Sleeping in my Bed?</b> - Yoko Tani walks on Dean Martin's back.
    <b>Who's Minding the Store (1963)</b> - A female wrestler jumps up and down on Jerry Lewis.
    <b>Who's the Boss?: <i>"Field of Screams"</i></b> -
    <b>Wilde Engels: Pilot Episode</b> - A female wrestler jumps on her opponent's groin.
    <ul><li>A woman uses a man as a "human plank" so that she can get across between two cars, in an as yet unknown episode.</ul>
    <b>Will and Grace (TV, unknown episode)</b> - Victory pose, courtesy of Megan Mullally.
    <b>Witchblade (TV): ep. 1-11</b> - Sara shoots a man and then steps on his arm to prevent him from taking the gun.
    <b>Woman Hunt (1972)</b> - Lisa Todd tramples a man to death by marching up and down on his head with her high-heeled boots.
    <b>Women of all Nations (1931)</b> - Bela Lugosi stars as a depraved Turkish prince who has men killed by placing them under a "floating" platform. Once they are beneath it, his entire harem of about 250 women walk at once onto the platform, forcing it to press down harder and harder on the men trapped underneath. Some brilliant (and gory) scenes!
    <b>Wonder Woman</b> - Victory posing scene in the old pilot episode, starring Linda carter.
    <b>Word, the (TV)</b> - As part of a “whacky circus” performace, Katie Puckrirk stood full weight on man’s head. The man was lying down, face first in glass at that time.
    <b>Wrestling (US TV)</b> - Many memorable scenes. In one particular one, Medusa, who is a relatively famous wrestler, steps full weight on a fellow wrestler's throat.
    <b>Xena, Warrior Princess</b> - Crush/Trample scenes in the following episodes: <i>"A Day in the Life"</I>, <i>"Between the Lines"</i>, <i>"Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts"</i> <i>"Coming Home"</I>, <i>"Little Problems"</I>, <i>"Sins of the Past"</i> and <I>"The Titans"</I>.
    <b>X-Men (animated TV show)</b> - A victory pose; link can be found <a href="">here</a>
    <b>Young Hercules (TV)</b> - A girl knocks Hercules and some other man into the mud, and proceeds to use them as stepping stones.
    <b>Yu Yu Hakusho: "<i>Kurabawra: A Promise Between Men</i>" (Anime)</b> - Trample
    <UL><LI><B>"A Matter of Love and Death"</b> - Trample/Victory pose scene.
    <LI><b>"Gankai's Strength"</b> - Trample scene
    </UL><b>Zelda: "<i>Doppelganger</i>" (Animated TV series)</b> - Victory pose
    <b>Zelig (TV)</b> - Michelle Hunziker puts her foot on a man in this Grease remake.
    <b>ZZ Top: Legs (Music video)</b> - Woman steps on a man's hand.
    <center><H1>List of scenes not attributed to any particular show</H1></center>
    <b>A series with Cherie Lounghie on BBC</b> - She crushes a cigarette on the carpet.
    <b>Adriana Skelnarikova</b> - During one performance, she was "hoisted" up by her dancers.
    <b>Alessandra Martines</b> stepped and walked on her dancers in a ballet performance, chronicling the "effects of war".
    <b>Ambra Orfei</b> stepped on a dancer's back in an as yet unknown show.
    <b>Arzu Yanardag</b> - Turkish model, who had her feet worshiped in an as yet unknown show.
    <b>Astrid Joosten</b> - Astrid Joosten crushed a cigarette live on a show.
    <b>Betty Curtis</b> used a group of dancers as her pedestal during a performace many years ago.
    <b>Brooke Shields</b> - Victory pose in an as yet unknown publication.
    <b>Carmen Russo</b> seems to have a penchant for trampling, and has "obliged" trample fans many times during her lengthy career; either by stepping, or trampling on men.
    <b>Cindy Crawford</b> stated in an article on the net that "Richard doesn't really like me to kill bugs, but sometimes I can't help it."
    <b>Claudia Schiffer</b> apparently once said that she sometimes crushes roaches when she finds them in her house.
    <b>Commercial for "Bug-Away"</b> - A woman attempts to dispose of a bug by slamming the toe of her tan coloured wedges down on it.
    <b>Corinne Bonuglia</b> - A performer, she stepped and walked on men many times during her short career.
    <b>Davina McCall</b> - She stepped on some maggots during one of the shows that she did on ITV.
    <b>Denise Richards</b> - This pertains to the apparent "true-life" Easter Egg/improvisation where, upon coming out of the pool, she stepped on a frog to get her own back on the "pranksters". Is this an urban myth, or perhaps even a true story? You decide.
    <b>Denise Van Outen, on Big Breakfast</b> - She described how she crushed a roach while on holiday under her high heels.
    <b>Donna Mills</b> victory posed on a man for a photo.
    <b>Edwige Fenech</b> - A very famous Algerian actress; Lino Banfi (an Italian actor) kissed her feet in an as yet unknown movie.
    <b>Elenoire Casalegno</b> stood full weight on a fakir's stomach in an as yet unknown TV show.
    <b>Estelle Warren</b> - Estelle (along with her sister) used to be a synchronized swimmer, and in one particular picture, we get to see her stand full weight on her sister's stomach.
    <b>Esther De Jong (Dutch model)</b> - Victory pose from an as yet unknown publication.
    <b>Giulietta Masina</b>, in an as yet unknown movie, used two dancers to step out of her car.
    <b>Gizem Ozdilli</b>, a Turkish model, trampled another model for a TV promotion.
    <b>Grecia Colmenares</b> - Very famous Venezuelan soap opera star, she had her feet kissed & worshiped in an as yet unknown series.
    <b>Heather Parisi</b> stepped on the chest of a dancer in an as yet unknown TV show.
    <b>Hulya Avsar</b> - Miss Turkey in 1983; she trampled a man in an as yet unknown show, and has had her feet worshiped in another.
    <b>Jennifer Love Hewitt</b> apparently said in an interview that she killed many bugs while filming on location in Mexico.
    <b>Joanna Pacula (Polish actress)</b> - Had her worshipped in an as yet unknown movie.
    <b>Karen Damenn</b> - Karen, a singer in the Belgian band K3, once stated, "The bravest thing I ever did was stepping on a big spider!!! They scare me a lot and I was a whole week proud that I dared to crush it."
    <b>Kato Reiko</b> - In an unknown film, she first knees a man, causing him to fall down, then she stomps on his groin, and finally, "floats" full weight onto his chest (well, she "jumps", but there is clearly no weight behind it). Anyway, she stays standing on his chest for about 5 seconds.
    <b>Kelly Brook</b> - Victory pose in an as yet unknown publication.
    <b>Lara Orfei</b> - Born in a circus family, she engaged in "circus-like" activities. One of her favourite tricks was to stand on her partner's head.
    <b>Licinia Lentini</b> stood on the shoulders of an Italian dancer in an as yet unknown show.
    <b>Linda Brava</b> - Finnish artist, who, during one particular performance, performed a victory pose on one of her dancers.
    <b>Lorenza Mario</b> stood on the hands and legs of her dancers during one performance.
    <b>Lucy Arnaz (Lucy and Ricky's daughter)</b> - She stomped a spider in a TV show, and showed the remains on the bottom of her high-heeled pump.
    <b>Maria Cocuzza</b> has stood/trampled on her dancers many times during her live performances.
    <b>Maria Grazia Cucinotta</b> - Victory pose in an as yet unknown publication.
    <b>Matilde Brandi</b> - An Italian dancer, no stranger to trampling.
    <b>Maurizia Paradiso</b> - She often used her partners as human furniture in her spots.
    <b>Monica Guerritore</b> - Stomped on an Italian actor, Alessandro Haber, in an as yet unknown movie.
    <b>Naomi Campbell</b> - Famous victory pose, featured in a number of magazines.
    <b>Natalia Estrada</b> - A famous Spanish performer, with a distinct penchant for trampling. Appearing in many shows/publications, she has done just that.
    <b>Natalie Kriz</b> - Uruguayan actress/model, she posed on a group of dancers' in an as yet unknown Italian TV show.
    <b>Necla Nazir</b> - A Turkish actress; she walked on a man's back in an as yet unknown movie.
    <b>Pamela Prati</b> - An Italian ballerina, she often steps on her partners during her performances.
    <b>Paola Barale</b> - An Italian dancer, she often tramples on her partners during her performances.
    <b>Raquel Welch on Johnny Carson Show</b> - Saying she stomped on a June bug that flew on her dress, circa 77-79.
    <b>Ricky Lake on David Letterman Show</b> - Recalling an experience where, after getting arrested for picketing against animal crueltly, she ended up in a cell infested with roaches. She "wanted to step on them", but was afraid of insulting her fellow protesters.
    <b>Ryuh Won</b> - A member of the Korean band Chakra, she walked on a man's back during an unknown show.
    <b>Serena Autieri</b> - An Italian actress and singer, she often stepped/trampled on her partners as a part of her performance.
    <b>Shania Twain</b> - Victory pose in an as yet unknown publication.
    <b>Sibel Baris</b> is a famous Turkish dancer, whose dancing usually entails her dancing on her partners' stomachs.
    <b>Simona Tagli</b> - A famous Italian personality, she stood full weight on a boy during a "bed of nails" routine (and the boy actually didn't want her to!)
    <b>Simona Ventura</b> - A famous Italian personality, she featured in a number of trample/victory pose scenes, one of them being a picture of her trampling the whole cast of "Le Iene".
    <b>Sonya Krauss</b> crushed a teddy bear live on her show. There were also other scenes in as yet unknown episodes, usually consisting of victory pose/foot worship.
    <b>Spice Girls</b> - Apparently, in an interview with an as yet unknown publication, Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) admitted to killing worms and Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) to having killed a bug.
    <b>Sunday newspaper with actress Susan Hampshire about gardening</b> - When asked what really annoys her, she replied that she hated snails and that whenever it rains she goes outside and treads on all the snails she can find.
    <b>Unknown movie with Rob Lowe</b> - A hair salon + spider = one flat spider.
    <b>Vanna White during a 87 or 88 episode of Wheel of Fortune</b> stomped a cricket live on the show. There was a close-up shot of her standing up at the board, assuming the classical "squishing position" and looking down at the floor.
    <b>Venessa Williams</b> - A former Miss America, Venessa walked on Al Franken's back in an as yet unknown show.
    <b>Yeliz Yesilmen</b> - A young Turkish actress; she gets her feet sucked in an as yet unknown show.
    <font color="red">These two movies have scenes on their covers: <i><u><a href="">Love Stinks</a></u></i> - victory pose, and <i><u><a href="">Burn Hollywood</a></u></i> - cigarette crush.</font>

    <center><H1>Sources other than "mainstream" TV/video</H1></center>
    <h2>Comic books:</h2>
    <b>Star Wars: Ongoing #12</b><ul><li><b>Outlander: The Exile of Sharad Hett #6</b> - Trample scene</ul><b>Wonder Woman 232</b> - Trample scene
    <b>X-Men Unlimited</b> - Four trample scenes</uL>
    <h2>Video Games:</h2>
    <b>Dead or Alive games</b> - Countless stomp/trample moves. Most of them were for the characters of Ayane and Kasumi.
    <b>Killer Instinct</b> - This game has a “fatality” feature, in which you can finish off your opponent once you have taken a sufficient amount of energy off him. One character, Orchid, has an amazing fatality whereby she turns you into a frog, and finishes you off by jumping on you with both feet.
    <b>Mister Mosquito</b> - The pinnacle of "3D crush games". You control a Mosquito (self-explanatory), and have the ability to fly anywhere you want, all whilst lurking in wait for your victims... floor is usually a safe place to hide .
    <b>Mortal Kombat 3</b> - One of Sheeva's special moves involves her repeatedly jumping up and down on her opponent.
    <b>Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance</b> Sonya blows a Kiss of Death at her opponent, who starts to choke and puke. The opponent eventually falls down to his knees and spits out blood, then Sonya jumps on his back and his head explodes.
    <b>Resident Evil games:</b> - There are a number of stages in the Resident evil games where you have to make your way over bugs/roaches, all with the accompanying "crunch" effects.
    <b>Road Rash</b> - A high-heeled woman steps on a fallen pilot’s neck.
    <b>The Tekken games (1, 2, 3, 3 Tag, 4, and 5)</b> - multitude of trample/stomp moves, including, Anna/Nina's "stomp & grind", Michelle/Julia's "jumping stomp", and the ability to run over the prone opponent by tapping forward twice when they are on the floor.
    <b>Virtual Fighter games</b> - Aoi has quite a few reversals/ground throws in which she stomps on her opponent.
    There are also probably close to a hundred 2D/3D fighting games featuring stomp/trample moves, and to list them all is, put simply, far too time consuming.

    The original Ghostface is back; era of the Spiritual Boxer is soon to begin....
    History is a joke played by the victors on the vanquished in front of an audience that dares not laugh
    Angelo - get better soon, my dear friend
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    Movie/TV crush/trample/GTS scenes

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    WOW what a list!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting it


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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    thanks a lot !!

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    Impressive to say the least Lap,talk about an informative list.I would be renting for a year to catch all these scenes

    Health and happiness to all

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    Very Impressive!!

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    Nice collection of scenes and some great links.

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    i am amazed by that list that would have taken forever to compile nice job

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    excellent post, definatly comes in handy

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    Hey i found this site with scenes from all sorts of movies. But if anyone can help tell me what they are in the Parts 1-4...telling from left to right in row!! It would be a great help!!!! Thanks and enjoy the pics!!!

    this is the site

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    Re: The biggest and most comprehensive movie/TV trample/crush scenes list ever!

    nice find. . . .thanks


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