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    Here is a story i posted here a few years back, found it the other day digging around my hard drive, thought i would post again for newcommers who may have missed it! Is it ok to repost older stuff squidge? If not i will remove it asap!

    Friday evening and the temperature was still into the high 70’s, the breeze coming off the shore was comforting Maria thought, she couldn’t wait for this weekend, up north in Barcelona, the temperature would be more bearable this time of year. She hadn’t seen her sister for 6 months; there was a lot of catching up to do.
    Maria, 28 years old, tied her long dark hair back and glanced at herself in the mirror, golden tanned Mediterranean skin and a figure most women would kill for, she was wearing a silk robe, which hugged the curves of her body. She finished packing her weekend bag, and stepped through the curtains out onto the terrace of her villa, there was the usual tropical sound of insects buzzing in the warm night air, the breeze rustling the palm trees that surrounded her home, she looked out over the coast, the lights of Marbella and Gibraltar twinkling in the distance. The Humidity was making her feel sleepy, she checked her Rolex, 4 hours until the flight from Malaga would carry her north. Maria stepped back inside, she decided to rest for a while, her travelling clothes already laid out on the bed, she had some time to kill, she laid down on one of the sofa’s, the sound of the waves breaking against the shore soon had her sleeping.
    When she came round, it only felt like she had nodded off for half an hour, she checked her watch, panic set in, she had slept for well over 2 hours, with a 75 mile drive to the airport, she knew she had to shift! She was going to be late, she ran to the bedroom and dressed as quickly as possible, pulling on fashionable trousers and a silk shirt, light and easy to travel in, she sat on the bed and slipped her feet into an expensive pair of high heeled strappy sandals, admiring her red painted toenails as she stood, a quick look in the mirror, she was fine, after locking up the doors of her villa she walked out to the driveway, her beloved brand new Porsche 911 sat there. She blipped the alarm and the central locking motors whirred into life, she popped the bonnet in the front, which is actually the trunk, and set her weekend bag down, the lid shut with the satisfying noise only a quality German car can make. She got behind the wheel and swung her legs in, shutting the door behind her.
    The Porsche fired up first time, settling into a low rumble on tick over, she switched on the air conditioning, cooling the cabin to a refreshing temperature. Maria settled into the leather sports seat, placed her foot on the brake, and put the car into reverse, tapped the floor mounted gas pedal with the toe of her sandal and swung the nose round so it was pointing towards the gates, she then flipped down the sun visor which has the remote to the electronic gates, a press of the button and the gates began to open, Maria put the car in drive moved her foot from brake to gas, applied light pressure and drove out through the gates. They would automatically close behind her after a short time.
    She hoped there wouldn’t be much traffic around at this time of night; all the tourists would be partying the night away in the towns on the coast, leaving the motorway free. She had to be careful of the speed limits in town, the Guardia Civil were targeting expensive motors. Maria guided the Porsche through the streets heading into the town centre, she loved this car, the raw power of the engine just begged to be driven hard, not yet though, plenty of time for that on the motorway she thought. Maria moved her foot from the gas to the brake and applied gentle pressure as she brought the car to a stop at a junction, waiting for a car to move on by, she gave the gas pedal a nudge and turned out onto the main thoroughfare that would take her through the town of Marbella, the auto box smoothly shifting up through the gears. There was quite a bit more traffic on the roads than she had hoped. Coming to a standstill further down the road, she shifted into neutral, and sat there for a while, she couldn’t see far enough down the road to see what the hold up was, she checked her watch, time was ticking away, not good she thought. Her strappy sandal resting on the floor mounted gas pedal, the heel of her sandal sitting on the plush carpet, her red painted toenails reflecting the light that was spilling into the car from a nearby street light, she looked down, she liked the look of her slender foot on the pedal, she flexed her foot up and down, and gently revved the engine, the deep note of the engine from behind her sounded good, she revved up a bit harder watching the rev counter needle sweep up to around 3000 and then back down again. The traffic started to move again, she slipped the car back into drive and pressed down on the accelerator, continuing down the street, there was no clear sign of why the traffic had backed up. A major junction was coming up and she could see the traffic lights were still on green, she cursed the car in front, for not showing any sign of urgency, she nudged the gas a bit more and drew right up behind the car, “come on, come on” she shouted, checking her rear view mirror she decided to move into the next lane gunning the engine to get past, the lights turned yellow, she was about to floor the gas when she spotted the local police sat at the junction on motorbikes, she jumped on the brakes, the pedal, pumping slightly up and down as the ABS brought the car to a stop at the lights. The traffic cops moved off from their side of the junction, this was not doing her any favours, she was starting to get irritated, alongside her, a car pulled up with 2 guys in, she glanced across at them, they were looking back, laughing, “hey lady” one of them said, “think you can drive that sports car?” She was used to it, men couldn’t handle a woman in a better car than their own, she said nothing, just smiled and looked for the lights, placing her left foot on the brake pedal she moved her right foot back to the gas pedal, and blipped the throttle a couple of times, the guys just laughed and revved up too. The lights went green, releasing the brake Maria floored the gas pedal, the traction control light blinking furiously on the dash, straining to keep the car in a straight line, and delivering all the power to the road, instead of enormous amounts of wheel spin and torque steer, she kept the pedal buried in to the carpet, 0-60 mph in 4 seconds the guys didn’t stand a chance!
    Maria had been brought up with speed, her father was a racing driver, she had started to drive long before the legal age, on private land, and at track days with her father, and had a talent for car control at high speed. She felt good, having seen off the 2 guys she continued out of Marbella, heading for the motorway, she loved this car, the power on tap whenever she needed it. She was a speed freak, and knowing that most of police would be back in the town keeping an eye on rowdy tourists, entered the slip road of the motorway and smoothly pressed her heeled sandal further down on the accelerator, the dark orange glow illuminating the dials on the dashboard showing her she was up to 80mph within an instant, the six cylinder engine sat behind her purring away without complaint.
    She was making good headway at last, light traffic on the motorway nothing to be concerned about, a bit more pressure on the gas pedal and she was happily cruising in the passing lane at 100mph, the car was rock solid at speed, checking her watch again, 40 mins until last check in at the airport, she checked her rear view mirror, no one behind her, the traffic had almost dried up in front too, she pressed the accelerator further down, the Speedo needle resting on 135.Maria settled back into the sports seat, feeling a little better know she was making up some ground, the Porsche devouring the miles without a hint of protest.
    She had a decision to make when she hit the outer limits of the next town along the coast, the motorway splits, and continues into the mountains, with toll booths placed at regular intervals, the other way took her onto the N-340 coast road, this would eventually meet back up with the motorway, but cut out a bit of extra mileage, did she waste time stopping at tolls or risk the coast road, still a fast road in its own right, but passing through the tourist towns of the Costa del Sol. She eased up on the gas, and brought the car down to 75, deciding to take the coast road, she guided the Porsche through the intersection and onto the N-340, once clear of the intersection, she pressed the accelerator down and picked up her speed again, she liked this road, with its fast straights but also quite demanding bends as it followed the coastline, knowing there was a section of road coming up with a couple of S bends and straights she reached down to a button on the centre console which turned off the traction control, and then slid the gear stick across the gate into tiptronic S mode, this meant she could now use the buttons on the steering wheel to change gear, an orange 6 appeared at the bottom of the rev counter indicating which gear she was in. No traffic around, Maria changed down twice and floored the gas pedal, with instant response from the engine, her red painted toes keeping the pedal firmly to the floor, the rev counter needle swept around to 7000 she was fast approaching the first bend, gripping the wheel tightly, she lifted off, changed down, back on the gas steering the car through the corner, like she had done on many race tracks with her father, pressing further down on the accelerator as she exited the corner, the back end starting to drift out but brought back under control with her expert driving then changing back up through the gear box, a short straight away with the pedal floored, rev counter needle hovering near the red zone, engine screaming behind her, she was loving every minute. The next set of bends were negotiated in exactly the same way, ease up on the gas, feather the brake pedal, change down a gear, turn into the corner, back on the gas, catching the slight over steer with some opposite lock, smoothly exiting the corner depressing the accelerator back down to the floor, needle into the red zone, change back up, this was a superbly controlled drive, back onto the straight with her heeled strappy sandal demanding all the power from the engine. This, Maria thought, was what driving was all about, using a car to it’s full potential, making it do what it was designed to do.
    She eased up as she came to the outer limits of Fuengirola, passing through the town, a bit of traffic but not too much, the tourists spilled from the bars out onto the streets, music pumping from bars and disco’s, not really her sort of scene. The Porsche was soon leaving that behind picking up speed again to get to Malaga Airport.
    The motorway was up ahead, glancing at her watch she had 20 mins left, stabbing the gas back to the floor, the box changed down and she was picking up speed again, after getting a rush from driving the bends and straights, she kept her foot planted on the floor, the spillage from the overhead lights on the motorway crept into the car and glancing down she admired her foot on the gas pedal, she liked the feeling of control over a powerful car, the glow from the dials told her she was travelling at 130mph and climbing, she checked her mirrors, no one in sight, she kept the pedal buried into the plush carpet, the needle sweeping past 140, on to 150, 160mph, the needle on the rev counter just brushing the red zone. The engine behind her screaming as it was reaching its limits; still she kept her foot hard down on the pedal, 175mph. The needle was into the red by now, but Maria wasn’t letting up, she was enjoying this buzz too much. The car still felt safe on the road, even at this high speed, giving her no cause to worry.
    Eventually she had to let up, the signs for the airport where fast approaching, she lifted her foot from the accelerator, and the Porsche started to slow, Maria guided the car into the nearside lane, applying the brakes, and onto the off ramp, her foot moved back to the gas and applied gentle pressure to keep up with traffic flow around the perimeter of the airport and into the short term parking. She found a space, set the parking brake and switched off, she could tell she had stretched the cars legs, by the heat coming from the car, she felt good as she picked up her a weekend bag, and walked to departures. She had made it with minutes to spare; she was looking forward to the weekend with her sister, but equally looking forward to the drive home too!

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    Old stories are cool mate. If this is the one I am thinking about, it was a good un

    Gotta go to work in a sec, so wont have time to go through it yet
    Mr SQuidge

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    Re: Story

    excelent with a capital E!!!!

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    Re: Story

    How's about showing us that drive home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halo fighter pilot
    How's about showing us that drive home?
    Yeah, good point, i never thought about writing the drive home, i will try and work on something in my spare time!


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