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    A Story from my youth... FICTION

    Well before i get into the story i'll post the details.

    Culprits:Mother & Best Friends Mom.
    Forestory: Talking turned into play fight.
    Tactics used by mom: Ball kicking, trample.
    Tactics used by friends mom: Trample, Ball Kicking & Facesitting.

    Story: My best friend and little brother were out at the park riding bikes and i was going to go with them, but i told them to go on ahead, whilst i turned into the kitchen to talk to my mom, i spotted my friends mom Debbie, she was beautiful; Blonde hair, Tight dark blue jeans and 3" knee high boots. My mom was also wearing Tight blue jeans but she was wearing maroon Doc martins.

    "Hey mom," I said. "Could i get a new Playstation game if i get a good report?" "Aslong as its good." My mom said. "Or else.."
    "Or else what.." "Or else we'll kick your ass!" Kidded Debbie.
    "Yeah right." I said. "We could you know?" My mom said. "Well then, why dont you prove it, right here, right now, both of you can double-team me." I challenged as i was getting smart now. "Well.." Debbie said. "Alright your on, whaddya say Jean?" "Ok, but don't go crying away once we win." My mom joked.

    I told them it was a non-stop match until one person gets counted to 10. They could do no matter what, as i said that my mom and debbie looked evily at each other.

    The match started, i went easy at first grabbing debbie and trying to throw her onto a sofa but she was heavier than she looked, and reversed the throw. I took a lunge but thats when it happened, Debbie grabbed me and held me up straight, putting my arms above my head, and putting her heels on my feet, whilst my mom ran up and kicked me straight in the balls, the hard toe of the boot directly connected with my nut, i gasped and tried to fall but Debbie was still holding me, so my mom delivered two more power-filled kicks before debbie decided to let go, but her feet were still holding mine down so only my body collapsed, she took her right foot off and as my body fell she kicked my balls so hard i felt her toes inside the boot.

    As soon as i fell Debbie and my mom spread me out and subdued me, debbie stood on my arms, and my mom spread my legs out- Usually she hated this but loved doing anything with Debbie. "Give up yet son?" Mom asked. "Never." I managed to gasp.
    As soon as i said that my mom stood up on my penis. (Now anyone who has ever had their cock stood on by a 70KG woman wearing Doc Martin boots will know my situation.) I cried out in pain and debbie tried to silence me but i stopped soon after. "Well if you wont quit, we'll just have to humiliate you further, now kiss debbie's ass son!" "What?!" I said, writhering in pain. "I'd never do that!" But debbie lowered her butt closer to my face, whilst my mom took her left boot off me, and put it on my nuts, crushing them like grapes. "Ahh!" I yelled trying to breath. "Kiss debbies ass then!" "Ok, ok." I surrendered, as Debbie lowered her butt i puckered up....

    I would never usually do such a thing but when my tongue touched her denim i got aroused, and my mom felt it as she was still on my cock, she prodded it with her toes to make sure it was'nt my pants, then kicked it. "Debbie, look at this, i think Stuart likes denim." As she giggled she put her heel back on my cock and asked debbie to help her, as debbie put her heel on my now pancake-ish penis, they twisted their feet, ripping the skin of my penis and i could feel the blood begin to run down it, i got worried now as Debbie began to work on the balls, taking kicks and stomps whilst my mom decided to hurt me further, no longer caring about my health she kicked me in the side of the head and stood up onto my throat, the ridges of her boots digging into my adams apple. I could only gargle. "I think he's gone spongy again Jean." Debbie said. "Well you can help me here Deb." My mom saying seriously. "Ok." As debbie stood onto my moms feet, closing of my airways with pressure. I blacked out with the picture of the two laughing femme fatales slowly pressuring me into fainting.

    "I know what we can do now Jean." Debbie said, stepping of Stuarts limp body. "Lets publicly humiliate him..."

    To Be Continued....

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    God I wish I was in your place! Great job! keep it up!

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    Very cool story! Thanks for incorporating the Docs! They're some of my favorites to be under, although boots in general are great trample weapons! (Check my avatar on the left.)


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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    Ok guys, i'm trying to think of what to include next, maybe debbie stabbing Stuarts nuts with a fork or some form of testicular impailement, so if yous could come up with some additions ill see what i can do.

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    Hi, Stompmisnake, and thanks for the story. Because it's shaping up to be sexually explicit and violent, I raised the main character's age to 18 after consultation with another staff member.

    I would also strongly recommend keeping future chapters as on-topic as possible; genital piercing or mutilation might be a bit too much for Ocmb.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    Oh no problem at all, if theres a reason, i can change it

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    Thanks for your understanding

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION


    well maybe you could write something about bootlicking and using their boots on your cock?
    thanks bootwanker

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    Well guys, i got some ideas so i'll put them down soon, you can still contribte though.

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    Re: A Story from my youth... FICTION

    As i awoke i found myself trapped inside of an enclosed area, i could hear cars close-by so i thought for a minute then i realised, i was in the Trunk of Debbies car! I couldnt move as my legs & arms were tied up.

    The wierdest part was that i was wearing different clothes, i could feel that i was wearing rather tight Jeans, they were very closed around the crotch, so i presumed i was in womens jeans. Also i was wearing different shoes, i couldnt see them as it was dark in the trunk so i felt around. They had a heel on them, maybe about 4 inches high...

    "Great." I said sarcastically. "I've been beaten up by my mom & now i'm in my mates moms car wearing tight jeans and high heels." I sat there in the trunk for another 5 minutes or so, then a thought occured. "How much air is in here?" I began to panic but the cars engine stopped and i heard the clicking of heels nearby.

    "Hey bitch! hope your still alive in there!" Debbie said enthusiastically. She opened up the trunk and started laughing at me. The worst part was the zip of the jeans was undone and her laughing aroused me. She seen my erection and slapped me in the face.

    "Stuart! How dare you get a stiffy over me!"
    "But i could'nt.." I began to explain but then she slapped me again.
    She giggled at my now red face and suddenly grabbed the zip of my jeans and yanked it up, nearly wasting my penis.

    "Ok, time to get you out of there..." Debbie cut the ropes holding me and pushed me into her house...


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