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    Diary of a shrunken man

    My whole life I had lived next door to Sabrina.We grew up together.As i got older she became my first object of attraction.She stood 5'7 and weighed roughly around 120 lbs.17 years old with dark shoulder length hair,green eyes,and an awesome atheletic body.Also noted,she had some of the most perfect feet I had ever seen.Being the 18 year old I was my hormones were always raging and I found myself obsessing more and more over her feet.I had an extreme giantess\foot fetish and often wondered what it would be like to be under her feet.Little did I know that I would find out exactly what it was like and alter my life forever.

    One night her and I decided to sneak out and have a few drinks I snagged from my parents liquor cabinet.Needless to say I became loose tounged and told her all about my giantess fetish.How I would like to be shrunk and forced to smell a girls feet in every way imaginable.How I would like to be manhandled and dominated by a giant girl.She found it quite intresting and probed me with questions about my unusual fetish.I answered all of them as truthful as possible.I remember her asking me if I really would want that to happen if it was really possible.I said "HELL YES!It would be awesome!"She then told me to be careful what I wished for.We both laughed and then finished our drinks and headed back to our houses.

    It was in my Chemistry class that it happened.6 months later,the conversation we had that night far in the back of my mind.I stayed after to finish a project I was working on.Unwittingly I mixed the chemicals wrong and the mixture began to smoke.I inhaled a little on accident and suddenly became dizzy.The last thing I remember was the room spinning as I fell to the floor.When I awoke I was shocked by what I saw.Everything in the room was gigantic.What the fuck!!?I thought to myself.No fucking way is this happening.I found a ruler laying on the floor and laid down next to it to measure myself.I was just shy of being 4 inches tall.I must be dreaming I thought.I pinched myself "Ouch!".Nope,not dreaming.This was real.I remembered all the times I wished I was shrunk,but never really thought it would happen.It was just a silly fantasy.When I fantasised about it I always imagined I had some sort of device that could shrink me and then turn me back to normal when I wanted.But now Im just shrunk and I dont know if I can get back to normal.I have to find someone to help I thought to myself.I'll find Sabrina.She will help me.I looked up at the enourmous clock on the wall.2:05.Sabrina is in Home ec right now,and its only one door away.Thank god there wasent another science class after mine.I could have been squished laying there on the floor while I was passed out.

    I ventured to the door and peeked out.The hall was empty.I made my way over to the door of the Home ec class as quickly as I could and without incident.I peered under the door and saw nothing but shoes and sandals.I slid a little further under the door and looked up and saw that the class was filled with nothing but girls.Well no shit you might say,its home ec.Guys dont normaly take home ec.I looked around untill I saw Sabrina.I had to make it over to her without being spotted by one of the other girls.Lucky enough Sabrina was in the row closest to me and sitting in the back.I slid under the door and quickly made my way to the wall on the left.I slowly crept towards her desk.When I got there I realised I didnt have any way to get her attention.At my size shouting would not work and if it did it could risk me being seen by someone else.I looked at her feet.She was wearing a pair of black converse sneakers and white socks.I made my way to her shoe hoping that she wouldnt move it and crush me on accident.As I crawled onto her shoe I could feel the heat rising out of it and detected a slight bit of smell.I crawled up her ankle and tapped on her leg.Nothing happened.I did it again but a little harder this time.I felt her lean down then her giant hand came up the inside of her pants to scratch her leg.Her gigantic fingers almost crushed me but I was quick enough to move out of the way.Again I tapped her leg.I then heard her ask the teacher if she could go to the restroom.I felt her get up so I clinged on for dear life.The ride was quick and bumpy.I heard the stall door close and felt her sit down.Then suddenly she lifted her leg and placed it over her knee and pulled up her pants leg completely exposing me.Good I thought to myself,now she can help me maybe find a way to get me back to normal.

    Her first reaction was to swat me.I saw her raise her giant hand and then suddenly stop.OH MY GOD!Coby?Is that you? she said.Yes I squeeked up at her.How did this happed? she asked.I told her the story,about mixing the chemicals wrong,about the cloud of gas it emitted.Then I said "We have to find a way to get me back to normal." Suddenly I saw a devilish grin appear across her face."NO." she said."What are you talking about,you have to help me."I squeeked back at her."Do you remember the conversation we had that one night?" "Yes." i said. "Well your wish has come true." she said.I thought back to all the times I fantasised about this happening to me and I realised that now that it is really about to happen,I was scared and really didnt want it to happen."No Sabrina,dont.."I began."Shhhh..." she said as she picked me up between her thumb and index finger."What the hell are you doing?"I said."Im going to make you smell my feet." she said.Then she pulled off her shoe and placed me face first under the toe section of her giant smelly sock.My head was just under her middle toe with the rest of my body extended down towards her 3rd and 4th toez.She then gripped me with her toes and slid her foot back into her shoe.

    It was dark,warm,and smelly.It smelled like leather and foot sweat.She began to walk but kept the preassure off of the toe section making sure not to squish me.I was trapped under her toes.No way out.Nothing to do but stay there and smell her foot.After what seemed like an eternity of being trapped beneath her toes I felt her foot lift off of me and suddenly light poured into the shoe.She tipped the shoe over and I fell out onto the floor.We were in her room."So,you said you wanted to be FORCED to smell a girls every way imaginable."she said."No Sabrina,I really dont,I changed my mind." To bad little man,now lay down flat on your back." "NO" i shouted up at her. "No huh?Well,looks like Ill just have to force you." She opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out a roll of scotch tape.She tore off a strip and then stepped on me hard enough to press me to the ground.When she took her foot off me she was already knealing down with the strip of tape.She put it over me trying to stick me to the floor.I struggled a little but it was useless.She put the strip of tape right over my chest pinning me to the ground with my arms at my side.She then stood over me looking down at me with a smile."You are going to sniff my dirty socks as long as I want you to,and then your going to smell my bare feet." I started to protest but she lifted her foot over me and I realised my protesting was useless.She lowered her foot down and suddenly I was surrounded by her dirty,smelly sock.She positioned my head between her big and second toe and held it there for a little while and then rubbed the entire sock over my whole body before switching feet and doing the same thing.After awhile she said "Now its time to smell the real deal." she then pulled off her socks revealing her perfect size 9 bare feet.Those perfect toes painted sky blue.Those perfect soles.She raised it above me and then slowly lowered it down.I stared up at her face untill her foot blocked it out.I could smell it even before it made contact with my body.Then her toes made contact with me covering my entire head.They smelled like you would expect a foot to smell after being inside a shoe all day.She held my head between her toes for awhile and then rubbed her toes back and forth from side to side over my face forcing me to smell under all her toes.After awhile her mom called her down for dinner.She picked me up from the floor,removed the tape from my body and then dropped me into her sock.She rolled the sock together with the other one to keep me from escaping and then stuffed them into her shoe.

    About an hour passed before she came back and took me from my sock prison."Time to play a game." she said."Im going to put you on the floor and try to pick you up between my toes." she then placed me on the floor and sat down in front of me.She streched out her leg and positioned her foot above me and slowly lowered her toes towards my body pressing me to the ground.She spread her toes and tried picking me up and failed a few times.When she eventualy did manage to pick me up it was by my head which was stuck in between her 3rd and forth toes.Then she sat me back down and lightly rubbed her feet up and down my body.I couldnt help but be aroused.She notcied this and stripped my clothing off revealing my boner."Well,looks like your enjoying yourself." she said.I was embareassed and tried covering my naked body."How about you have sex with my foot."she said to me."What do you mean have sex with your foot?" i replied.she put her foot out and told me to make love to her toes as if I were making love to a woman and to slide my dick in between her toes.When I refused she lowered her foot over me to where my head was under her middle and big toe and my dick was slid in between her 3rd and forth toes."Kiss my toes."she ordered.I began kissing her toes as she moved her foot up and down sliding my dick in and out between her toes.It only took about 30 seconds before I exploded.She picked me up and carried me to the bathroom so I could get cleaned up.

    After I was clean she took me back into the room and sat me on her bed.She told me that I was going to sleep in her sock tonight.With her foot in it.There wasent much I could do so I agreed thinking maybe I could escape while she was sleeping.She got ready for bed and then sat down next to me and picked up her dirty socks from the floor.She picked me up and asked if I was ready and then dropped me into the toe section of her sock.I looked up and saw her smiling face looking down at me and then all I saw was the under side of her toes slowly sliding down into the sock.So there I was,trapped under her toes again.I waited patiently untill I was sure she was sleeping.I began sliding down the bottom of her sole untill I was near the back.Then I slowly slid up the side and crawled up her ankle and out of her sock.Just when I was out she sat straight up and looked right at me."Thought you could get away huh?Well its not going to be that easy.Now I have to punish you." She walked over to her closet and came back with some string and a rubber band."Now be still."She said as she picked me up between her fingers and began tieing the string around my wrist."What the hell are you doing?" I asked her. "Im going to tie you to my foot." she answered back.she tied an individual string around each of my wrists and ankles.Then she slipped the rubber band around her ankle.She picked me up and positioned me on the botton of her foot to where my head was just under her toes and then tied the strings to the rubber band."Now youll have to smell em all night and you cant escape." I looked up and saw the opening of her giant sock as she slid it back over her foot trapping me inside.Eventualy I drifted off to sleep.

    The next morning she woke up and untied me from her foot."Have fun smelling those toes all night?" she asked. I just smirked at her. She sat me down on the bed and then walked across the room.When she came back she had a small aquarium with her.She told me she had to leave for awhile but she would be back around 4 or 5.She took her dirty sock and placed it in the aquarium and told me I could sleep on that.Then she left me a little bit of food and some water.She sat the the aquarium down inside her closet and then placed me inside."Youll be safe in here." she said.And then she shut the door.After about an hour or so I heard her bedroom door open and heard someone walking around in her room.After a few minutes her closet door opened.SHIT! It was her little sister,Anna.She was 12,light brown hair,green eyes and a somewhat well developed body for a 12 year old.She looked down at the aquarium and then picked it up.She peered inside.When she saw me her eyes got huge.She opened the top and reached in to grab me."NO!LEAVE ME ALONE!" I shouted up at her as I tried to dodge her giant hand.Eventualy she cornered me and picked me up."Coby?Is that you?" "Yes." I replied.I wasnt to excited about her finding me,as I used to tease her all the time and I was afraid now she was going to exact some sort of revenge on me.Guess what,I was right.She asked me why I was in there with a sock.I told her about how her sister was making me smell her feet.She laughed at me and then said "You wanna smell mine?" "No,I definetly do not." I replied. "Well to bad,cause your gonna." She snapped back at me.She put me in her pocket and took me to her room.Once inside she took me back out and then sat down on the bed.She placed me on the floor in front of her and removed her black tennis shoes revealing a rather dirty pair of white ankle socks.First she put one foot down on top of me forcing my head between her toes.Then she removed it and Put both feet over me and told me to smell.After a few minutes she removed her socks and placed one over me again trapping my head between her toes.I just laid there smelling her giant foot staring up between the toes of my giant 12 year old captor.She was laughing and giggling the whole time which was rather humiliating.She picked me up and then placed her foot over her knee.She slid me head in between her toes and held me there for a little while.After a little while of this she told me she was going to put me in her shoe and then wear it,barefoot."NO!You might squish me." I shouted up at her as she put me into her shoe.I ran to the toe section and then watched as her foot entered the shoe her toes made contact with my tiny body and pinned me down to the sole of her shoe.How dare a 12 year old girl risk squishing an adult just for her own sick pleasure.She kept me in the for a good 30 minutes or so pinned under her toes.I could do nothing but lay there and smell her foot.Eventualy she took her shoe off and let me out."Time to get in my sock." she said."Fuck you!" I shouted up at her.Then I tried to make a dash for the door.I heard her coming up quick behind me.She pushed the door shut.I turned around just in time to see her foot coming down onto me.She pressed me down to the ground and pinned my head between her toes.All i could see was her leg and face as she said "Trying to escape,now i have to punish you." She plucked me up from the ground and carried me over to her bed.She pulled down her pants leaving her panties on and then slid me into the back side of her panties and wedged me in between her butt cheeks.This is so fucking wrong.Here i am stuck in between a 12 year old girls ass cheeks,and theres nothing I can do about it.After about 45 minutes she took me out and then carried me back into her sisters room.She placed me back in the aquarium and told if I let her sister that she would smother me to death with her feet.

    I layed down on the giant dirty sock wore out from my adventure in being foot raped by a 12 year old.I dozed off.When I awoke Sabrina was standing there looking into the aquarium.She reached down and took me out and carried me to her bed and placed me on a pillow. "Ready to have some fun?" she asked. She then removed her pants leaving her panties on and then straddled the pillow placing her vagina over me.I layed there staring up her stomach before she slowly came down and covered me with her genitals.She began humping the pillow and me.I was completely engulfed in vagina.Eventualy she had worked me back to where her ass was coming down onto me and squeezing me every time she thrust.After about fifteen minutes she let out a moan and then rolled off the pillow.She picked me up and sat me on her stomach and removed my pants.She began rubbing my dick with her giant index finger.After about 2 minutes i cummed all over the place.

    More to come,Im still writing this...just wanted some opinions.

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    Re: Diary of a shrunken man

    Nice well written story & I enjoyed reading it - look forward to some more.

    Thanks for taking the time to write & post it.
    take care & enjoy life

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    Re: Diary of a shrunken man

    Is there really no more to this story? Cuz if not, there should be!

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    Re: Diary of a shrunken man



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