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    Household Chores

    Last Saturday, my wife was ironing clothes in the basement. She is 4'9" and weighs between 120 and 125lbs. She wears a size 5 shoe. I decided to go and keep her company. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, I noticed that she had her IPOD on and was listening to music. So I figured that I would just lay down and take a nap.

    She was over by the couch getting more clothes to iron. I layed down on my stomach, right next to the ironing board. She just walked over to me, stepping up onto my butt, then back, raised the ironing board, and continued to iron the clothes. My head was turned to the side and she would occasionally step on my face while ironing. She does this thing where, when she is leaning to the right, she lifts her left foot up so only the toes are touching the floor.

    She did this often while standing on the side of my face. I would lay there wondering how long I could take it before saying something. She would not look where she was stepping. This caused her to end up standing half on my face and half on my neck at times. I would feel like my neck was going to break at any second. I couldn't say anything because she was listening to her IPOD and wouldn't hear me unless I shouted.

    She eventually moved on to some other part of my body, only to come back again. I would almost be about to fall asleep when she would step onto my head again. This went on until she had to get more clothes to iron. I wondered if I could take her doing this while laying on my back? And for how long? I had to find out. So, when she stopped to go get more clothes, I turned over and layed on my back.

    She turned around to come back and say me laying on my back. She never stopped, and stepped in my groin, then stomach and onto my chest. She continued to iron. She would step from my groin to stomach to chest. She would stand for long periods of time in my stomach or on my chest. Her heels were always standing right on my sternum. I just knew it was going to break. At one point, it got to where I could no longer tense my stomach muscles. She was standing on my stomach with both feet and she just sank into my stomach.

    I couldn't take it anymore and told her that I had had enough. She just kept on ironing, not even hearing me. I then grabbed her ankles and she looked down at me. I was telling her to please get off. She just looked at me until I let her ankles go. She then turned back around and went back to ironing. I guess I could take more. I layed there until she had to go and get more clothes to iron. I then quickly got up, and went and sat down on the couch and started watching TV.

    She asked if I had had enough? I shouted to her that she still owed me. She said anytime dear, anytime. I had a headache for a few hours afterwards. Sunday my chest and stomach were sore. Monday they were more so. I currently work out of town and go home on the weekends. I can't wait until Friday gets here!

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    Re: Household Chores

    Very nice experience & thanks for posting it.

    Was she barefoot or if not what footwear did she have on ?

    I like to "help" with the ironing (& other household chores) too.
    take care & enjoy life

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    Re: Household Chores

    Very cool story; thanks! I should try something like that with the subby hubby some time

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    Re: Household Chores

    Quote Originally Posted by bfrug
    Very nice experience & thanks for posting it.

    Was she barefoot or if not what footwear did she have on ?

    I like to "help" with the ironing (& other household chores) too.
    She was wearing rubber slippers and sliding around while on my back. I told her to take them off which she did. So the heels I referred to where the heels of her feet.


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