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    Death by my lovers heel

    Me and my girlfriend, Richa, have been together for 5 years now. She is totally devoted to me and would do anything for me. I have shared my deepest desires with her over the past years. Even though she doesn't know it, she has a dark sadistic side to her. I have seen it when she is trampling me or crushing insects under her foot, a serene look comes over her. She once had an orgasm after she crushed a lizard under her heel and smeared the remains over my face with her foot. Nevertheless, we had a content and happy relationship.
    However, one day we went to the hospital. I had been coughing badly for a long time. It was my smoking. The doctors said I had 6 months to live. Me and Richa were devastated. I could not stand the thought of lying for 6 months in agony and then dying an agonizing death. An idea began forming slowly in my mind. I have always had a crush fetish. Watching Richa torture and slowly kill those pests was my greatest turn on. If I had to die, it would be on my terms under Richa's foot. But how to convince Richa. To my shock, when I asked her this, she was ready. She simply said ok. I then believed that she loved me so much that she would do anything for me. She set a date, 13th January would be the day I die. I couldn't believe my luck. Anyways, my illness grew stronger and I grew weaker. Richa grew more sadistic every day. 2 days before the appointed date she even asked me if we could do it then. I was shocked. When I started having second thoughts about it, she became all loving and caring. She convinced me that it was what I wanted.

    On the appointed day, I woke up to see Richa dresses in a sexy red mini dress and sexy black 6 inch heels. They were her favourite dress. She always wore them while crushing pests to death. And that was exactly what I was to her. We loaded up in our maruti alto . She had chosen my place of death to be in a remote hill near lonavla. We drove in silence and I got a hard on seeing her foot on the pedal. We arrived at the hill. It was deserted. Richa checked around to see if anyone was there. She then looked at me so lovingly, I thought my heart was going to break. She asked me to strip down naked. I did. Suddenly, she threw me against the car and handcuffed my hands behind my back. I was shocked. She just said its for your own good darling. You want to die under my feet, but a man in his death throes thinks only for his survival.

    She smiled at me, a wicked smile which struck fear at my very inner core. I thought what had I done. She said darling, for your very own sake I am going to make this very painful for you. She threw me in fromt of the car. The ground was dusty and rough.I was hot. It was roughly 3 pm. As I lay face down on the ground, I heard the sound of heels clicking. I looked up to see her walking slowly and sexily towards me.I looked up to see the tips of her toes peeping out of her sexy black pumps. Her toenails were bright red. I got a hard on and it hurt against the dust ground. Richa lifted my face with her right foot. I was feeling pretty comfortable and was thinking that this was a very bad idea. As Richa looked at me pitifully, she simply said let the execution begin. She removed her foot from below my chin, as my face fell towards the ground, it hit a little sideways. She brought her right foot down on my head hard. As my head was a bit sideways, I saw her heel coming down and I winced.Her shoe hit me hard on my cheek with her heel barely missing my eye. I was dazed. I buried my face into the ground and she landed 4 more kicks to the top of my head. I was in pain in the first minute itself. She then simply stepped on my head, the heel sinking my head further into the ground and walked across my back. My dick was sticking out below my back. She used it as a stepping stone as she stepped of my body. Her heel landed on it and my Penis exploded in pain. It was split instantly. I had never felt such pain in my entire life. I lay there on the ground coughing blood as Richa circled me mercilessly. She kicked me in my side hard and blew the air out of my lungs.
    Richa pushed me over on my back and I lay on the ground facing her. To her I was no more than a worm. She started laughing, a wild merciless laugh. She pulled out a cigarette and lit it. She then stepped on me, placing one foot on my throat and one on my chest and stood there smoking. She kept her weight on her heel. Her heel gouged deep into my throat. I started gagging and spewing blood. Her pretty left foot had droplets of my blood on it. As I started blacking out, she removed her foot from my throat placed it on my face and stepped off me. I had a wonderful view of her foot bulging from the sides of her heel as she did it. She planted her feet on both sides of my head and looked down at me. I managed to mumble STOP. Please STOP. She started smiling again. I was very afraid. She said darling, IF you die of cancer, who will take care of the hospital bills. How will we get the insurance.
    I was very confused now. Insurance..... I then remembered the Rs.1 Crore life insurance Richa had taken out in my name a few months back. My blood became cold. I realized that if i died lie this and Richa could prove it to be an accident, she would get the insurance money. I then realized that she was going to run me over with her car also to prove that I was a roadkill.
    I started crying.. please Richa dont... why..... She said that I had got the perfect girlfriend... Dont cry darling.. u will die under my feet... I will make sure your last breath is under your darling heel.... With this she threw the cigarette bud on my face and started stomping it out with her right shoe... slowly... I screamed out loud.. she then rammed her heel down my open mouth and it hit the very base of my throat... This was my ultimate fantasy but I was not enjoying it very much now. To my horror.. she stepped on my face with her heel still lodged in my throat and balanced on one foot. I could see her ankle up very close and her heel lodged in my mouth.. but I was in shock... She stood like this for maybe one minute... I guess this is when my larynx got crushed and I lost my voice.. She then stepped onto my body... as her heel left my mouth scraping it thoroughly... it was painted red in blood....
    I was close to the end now I thought.. as I started drifing away.. I heard the soun of music.. "These boots are made for walking" come from the car stereo. Richa walked up to me and threw some beer on my face. Not so soon looser she said.... I know you can take more...
    She stepped on me and started dancing.. beer in one hand and cigarette in another.....
    She stomped her foot repeatedly into my stomach.. that was her target now... As her heels sank deeper into my stomach.. I could realize the damage she was doing to my liver, spleen god knows what else. If things couldnt have gone any worse... her heels were now landing on my exposed dick. She started losing her balamce..I guess she was a bit tipsy .. I couldnt help feeling conerned for her safety.. that she wouldnt fall off.. I tried to speak but the words didnt come out.. She saw me gurgling helplessly...
    She said.. ohh darling.. u want a little barefoot action now dont you... She took off her heels and started dancing barefoot on my penis... The little pecker was smashed blue mercilessly under her foot... I got a hard on. even I couldnt believe.. here I was dying and my damned pecker had a hard on...
    Richa saw this and I guess she to went orgasmic...
    As she swayed to the music.. her foot twisting and grinding my dick down... I came all over her foot.. Richa said I am impressed of your love for my foot honey.. She stood on my chest and placed her heel on my chin. I could see her lovely sole with my cum and blood all over it...
    She said lick bastard...I slid my tongue out and she crushed it against my face with her foot... I could feel her lovely sole all over my face...

    TO BE CONTINUED...........................

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    Re: Death by my lovers heel

    Awesome Sory. I can't wait for more!!!


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