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    Forced to worship and smell feet

    Ninja's been tied up and at the mercy at Whitney Morgan and Sydney Screams feet, both girls are wearing heels. They force him to kiss their shoes and worship and sniff their feet. Both girls humiliate him and make him kneel before them as they remove their shoes and let him inhale their smelly stinky soles. Whitney is weasring ultra smelly nylon stockings while Sydney has gone bare footed They rub their feet all over his face and make him kiss and suck the sweat from every inch. At one point Sydney grabs his head and thrusts it towards Whitneys stockinged soles and makes him bury his nose deep between her stinky toes..BREATHE THAT IN!! mmmmmmmm they make him to gag on their toes and smother his face under their meaty soles. They laugh as he struggles to please them both.

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